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The most powerful LIGHTBOX known to man

Digioh is a premium Lightbox Email Capture Tool. We are the highest rated email capture tool on the market.


Digioh offers a powerful suite of lead generation tools geared toward enterprise clients looking to get more leads into their marketing funnel, and ultimately boost conversions.

Digioh gives you unprecedented marketing power that’s easy to use and effective.

It’s our mission to give you the power to hit publish and go. We want you to be able to bypass IT and just start reaching your audience instantly.

Easy To Use. If the product isn’t used, it is worthless. We strive to make our product to just simply work! We understand your time is valuable which is why we make Digioh fast to implement and is tightly integrated with your existing technology providers.

Feedback Loop. In order to provide utmost value to our customers we are always looking for feedback and improving our product based on it. This can come from a simple email or phone call with our customers or from data we analyze from usage inside our products.

  1. Drag and Drop Editor: Designing forms a breeze. Just write the form copy, upload images, add CTA buttons and perfect your signup form with a little rearranging.
  2. Dynamic Keyword Insertion: Use DTR to personalize opt-in offers in real-time. Change the form contents using page elements like categories and tags OR ad keywords.
  3. A/B Testing: Run A/B or split tests between opt-in forms to find out the most effective copy, design, and offer.
  4. Custom Trigger Rules: Choose from a variety of predefined trigger rules, or use HTML, Javascript to set custom trigger rules.
  5. Targeting Rules: Targeting rules allow you to personalize your opt-in offers. With Digioh, you can target visitors with specific and highly personalized opt-in offers based on the content they’re reading, their location, referral source, cookie data, and the device and browser they’re using to access your site.
  6. Special Targeting Rules for Ad Blockers and Native Ads: Find workarounds to handle ad blockers and show targeted offers to visitors who have already viewed some native ad on your site.
  7. Dynamic Cookie Tracking: Target subscribers and general traffic differently with Digioh’s cookie tracking superpowers. Show cross-promotional offers/deals to subscribers and simple signup forms to other visitors.
  8. Custom Emarsys Integration: Automatically add all your leads into any Emarsys List.
  • Browser / Cart Abandonment
  • Exit Intent Lightbox
  • Case Study Email Capture Form
  • Slider Forms
  • Coupon Incentive Forms
  • Inline Forms
  • Cookie and HTML Targeting
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