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We help brands and retailers to increase website conversion rate with Behavioral Personalization

We increase conversion rate by adapting your website to real-time user behavior.
We analyze digital body language of each individual and deliver personalized and engaging website experiences, moving them through entire customer journey to the final purchase.


Enabling true personalization of the entire experience.

Driveback Behavioral Personalization Platform helps tracking hundreds of digital behaviors to get a full understanding of the buying intentions and preferences for each of your website visitors. Then, Driveback automatically serves relevant messages based on each website visitor, thereby significantly improving the conversion rates across all digital touchpoints.

  1. Understand digital body language

    Driveback Behavioral Personalization Platform helps to track hundreds of digital behavior to get full understanding of the buying intentions and preferences for each of your website visitors.

    – How many times a user has viewed a product over the past week.

    – How many images a user has viewed on the product page.

    – How many bad and good reviews a user has read on the reviews section.

    … and many more.

  2. Target any audience segment

    Driveback segmentation engine allows you to target website messaging to very specific audience to make their experience more personalized and engaging. Example of segment:

    Visited item > 3 times

    Product price > $400

    Never purchased

    Never added items to the cart

    Average session length > 10 minutes

    Want to leave a website

    Have never been offered a discount

  3. Adapt website messaging in real-time 

    Driveback automatically serves relevant messages based on customer profile, context and real-time behavior, thereby significantly improving the conversion rates.

  4. Measure impact with hard data

    Let the data will tell you what works for each of your visitor segments with Driveback Experiments. No more guesswork and misleading A/B-test results. Driveback Experiments supports:

    – A/B/n and multivariate testing

    – Server-side testing

    – Dynamic A/B-testing (traffic splits only when user enters the segment)

    – Ability to launch several experiments end test several goals in the same time

  5. Build complex personalization chains 

    Build advanced personalized journeys on your website with «If this then that» rules:

    – If user just completed one campaign, then show him another

    – If user closed this campaign in previous session, then offer them another

    – If user viewed one discount campaign, then hide all other discount campaigns in current session

  6. Personalize every part of your website align with your brand voice

    Ability to personalize:

    – Existing website elements

    – New website elements

    – Overlays

    – Lightboxes

    – Side blocks

    – Top blocks

    – Bottom blocks

    – Pointer blocks


Core business benefits

  • Increase conversion rate and revenue per visitor
  • Create an excellent customer experience
  • Capture more leads & email signups
  • Better understand your customers
  • Make wise decisions with A/B-testing
  • Save time of marketing and IT departments

 How we work

Software is not enough. We provide team of four dedicated experts.

We handle conversion strategy, design, copywriting, campaign setup and integrations with 3rd parties. We customize everything unique to your business, your site and your real-time audience. Let’s give time back to your internal team. Implementation, building and results is our responsibility.

Driveback is headquartered in Moscow, Russia.

Clients include market leaders, such Otto group, Nestle, L’Oreal, Lego, Samsung, Hoff, re:Store among others.

Tel.: +7 (495) 648-83-20
E-mail: sales@driveback.ru


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