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We help companies quickly build and test personalized, optimized, and synchronized digital customer experiences.

Dynamic Yield helps enterprise brands quickly deliver and test personalized, optimized, and synchronized digital customer interactions. Marketing, Product, Development, and eCommerce teams from more than 350 global brands are using Dynamic Yield’s Experience Optimization platform as the technology layer on top of existing CMS or Commerce solutions, to iterate faster and algorithmically match content, products, and offers to each individual for the acceleration of long-term business value.

  1. Segment: Onboard and unify data from any source and then compare and build user profiles or audiences in real-time for targeting
  2. Recommend: Deliver human-like recommendations with dozens of strategies, including deep learning, and utilize full merchandising control
  3. Personalize: Dynamically tailor content, messaging, recommendations, notifications, and more to each individual for consistency and relevance
  4. Test: Experiment, optimize, and innovate at scale using machine learning algorithms to maximize performance and discover additional opportunities
  5. Trigger: Automatically trigger emails, push notifications, and web content based on real-time behavior, abandonment, price drop, or any other custom event
  1. Trigger any behavioral email – Including cart recovery, browse abandonment, price-drop, or any other custom activity, with content powered in real-time by Dynamic Yield and sent directly through Emarsys.
  2. Build sophisticated segments – Tap into Dynamic Yield’s rich behavioral audience data and target your Emarsys email campaigns with individualized creative and recommendations.
  3. A/B test every email element – Including banners, content, recommendation strategies, and more – using Dynamic Yield’s multi-armed bandit algorithms to optimize towards the best performing variations.
  4. Unify cross-platform data – Seamlessly combine customer lifecycle and email campaign response data from Emarsys with Dynamic Yield’s user engagement data, ensuring optimal relevance and efficiency.

The Dynamic Yield decisioning engine uses machine learning and predictive algorithms to provide personalization, recommendations, automatic optimization and one-to-one messaging.​

Dynamic Yield and Emarsys will now work as a unified marketing engine, with Dynamic Yield acting as the triggering engine for personalization, and Emarsys the execution engine for email. Together, we have developed three integrations:

  1. Email recommendations & Dynamic Content: Configure recommendations widgets and logics on the Dynamic Yield User interface, to then embed into the Emarsys campaign template.
  2. Triggered Emails: Dynamic Yield to send events to Emarsys via Google Pub/Sub, such as: Cart abandonment, Price-drop, Product & category view Other custom event. In the Google Pub/Sub event payload, Dynamic Yield transfers product information and matching recommendations. This information will be used to personalize abandoned cart and browse email campaigns, as well as, omni-channel campaigns sent via an Emarsys ‘Interactions’ program.
  3. Bi-directional audience exchange: Onboard audience data from Dynamic Yield in a CSV file to improve the relevance of dynamic content & product recommendations within Emarsys email, web and push campaigns. Push Customer Lifecycle data from Emarsys using a CSV file to Dynamic Yield for delivering more deeply targeted experiences across the customer journey, including mobile, web and app push notifications.

As a marketer, what Dynamic Yield features should I be using?

The short answer is- it depends. We offer marketers a very wide variety of features such as Recommendations, Advertising, automated A/B/n testing etc. We suggest mapping out your marketing strategy first and then tailoring an optimization and personalization strategy together with your dedicated Customer Success Manager.

How does Dynamic Yield help customers build a personalization and optimization strategy?

We advise to first map out a personalization and optimization strategy by asking yourself what your goals are, what your KPI’s are, how your digital assets are structured and how optimization and/or personalization of each element on your digital asset can be maximized. Once a strategy is mapped out, creating Audience groups and particular Smart Objects and Smart Actions becomes much easier. Our dedicated Customer Success Managers are trained to work with customers like you to help you tailor a strategy so you can realize the enormous uplift personalization and optimization carries.

How do the platform’s features differ between web and mobile app personalization?

There are two main differences in our platform features between web (HTML) and mobile app environments:

  1. Information Inference: 
In an HTML environment, our platform can infer many parameters automatically from the HTML code itself, such as product name, product category, product price etc. In a mobile app environment, the app must actively call our SDK to infer parameters such as those above.
  2. Content Rendering:
 In an HTML environment, we can render content automatically, via recommendation widgets, Smart Objects etc. However, in an app environment, content can be rendered either by us via web-view, or by providing a dedicated API for content rendering.

What type of support does Dynamic Yield offer?

Dynamic Yield provides 24-7 support. In addition, customers are assigned a Customer Success Manager (CSM) who serves as Dynamic Yield’s point of contact throughout the life of the account. We also provide professional technical services at scopes varying from client to client.

Which browsers does Dynamic Yield support?

Dynamic Yield supports all major desktop and mobile browsers. These include Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer and more. It is important to note that advanced Smart Actions will only work on modern browsers but will never break old browser running code. The Dynamic Yield admin, where tests are defined and settings are configured, is optimized for Chrome. Please make sure to navigate the application on Google Chrome for an optimal experience.


Dynamic Yield has offices in New York, Tel Aviv, Berlin, London, and Barcelona, with an additional presence in Paris, Tokyo, and Moscow.

For a list of addresses and how to contact us, click here

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