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Emarsys for Salesforce Commerce Cloud

World Class B2C Marketing For the Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Seamlessly synchronize your customer database with customer engagement and product catalog data for powerful multi-channel marketing execution.

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Maintaining customer information across multiple sources is a continuous challenge, and even though Salesforce Commerce Cloud captures all the relevant data, executing engaging marketing campaigns becomes more and more difficult as the number of users and interactions grows.

Marketers need a proven solution that enables Salesforce Commerce Cloud user interactions to feed into a marketing automation process in real time. A solution that will let marketers turn their shop data into detailed and actionable content: they need Emarsys for Salesforce Commerce Cloud.


Emarsys provides a turnkey product that plugs directly into your Salesforce Commerce Cloud shop. Synchronize contact and engagement data, and then automate programs complete with personalized email content for each recipient.

The Emarsys customer intelligence platform continuously updates customer lifecycle segments and purchase history as your customers interact with your brand, making targeting by status effortless. The Emarsys predictive marketing technology solution populates with your product catalog data on a daily basis, enabling personalized product recommendations and stock clearance campaign creation.

Emarsys for Salesforce Commerce Cloud lets you manage everything from a single intuitive interface, giving you a complete overview of your omnichannel marketing environment through the B2C Marketing Cloud.

Superior Integration

The Emarsys B2C Marketing Cloud integrates directly into your Salesforce Commerce Cloud e-commerce platform with a cartridge that updates the contact database each time a customer interacts with your web shop.

The two systems work together seamlessly, saving time and resources, and add an extra layer of AI driven functionality with the award-winning Emarsys B2C Marketing Cloud.

Engage: Automate personalized communications to keep bringing customers back to your Salesforce Commerce Cloud web shop.

Manage: Trigger highly targeted stock clearance campaigns using Emarsys product affinity reports.

Identify: Segment the most valuable customers, and effortlessly target them with tailored incentives.

Personalize: Follow-up on email campaigns across channels using personalized social ads, push app messages and SMS notifications.

With the Emarsys for Salesforce Commerce Cloud cartridge, we guarantee:

  • World-class support. Our Salesforce Commerce Cloud experts are on hand to help and support you every step of the way.
  • Simple to deploy, easy to manage.
  • Total automation. Execute true 1-to-1 smart, dynamic and responsive marketing campaigns.
  • Detailed reports. Analyze, measure, and leverage the true power of your purchase data.
  1. Synchronize

    Capture website visitor activity and behavior.

    Create a unified view of customers.

    Maintain product catalog and purchase data synchronization.

    Design personalized campaigns on the fly.

  2. Analyze

    Convert raw data into actionable insights that answer key questions about your customers.

    Track contact-level engagement, purchase frequency, as well as monetary value.

    Display performance information in intuitive and user-friendly dashboards by purchase or revenue.

  3. Optimize

    Improve transactional message delivery.

    Increase message response rates.

    Harness advanced deliverability.

  4. Automate

    Include AI-driven product recommendations for up- and cross-sell campaigns.

    Improve response rates and revenue.

    Send content across all channel types.

  5. Engage

    Boost conversion rates using automated data-driven.

    Claw back sales from abandoned shopping carts.

    Measure engagement with comprehensive statistics and revenue reporting.


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