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Emarsys for Segment

Segment integration with Emarsys

Use your Segment integration to send data to Emarsys and orchestrate your marketing automations

Why Segment?

Segment is a single platform that collects, stores, and routes your user data to hundreds of tools with the flick of a switch.

Segment saves engineers months spent installing and maintaining analytics tools, gives marketers the agility to try new tools and test campaigns quickly, and enables BI teams to export their raw data into internal systems and databases.

How does it work?

Analytics, marketing automation, email, user testing, error reporting, and support tools all require the same data: who are your users and what are they doing.

Use the Segment API to track user events like page views, clicks, and sign ups on your mobile app and website.

You just send your data to Segment, then Segment translates and routes it to all of your tools.

What Does It Do?

Without Segment, you have to instrument each tool separately, even though you send them all the same data. Segment eliminates this extra code and replaces the tool installation process.

Emarsys for Segment allows you to route all data which was collected by your Segment integration to the Emarsys platform. Simply create rules based on this data and start your Emarsys marketing automations.

Time based rules

Use conditions and define events that must (not) occur within a given timeframe.
E.g. a user viewed the cart page but did not view the order complete page within 60 minutes then trigger a marketing automation program.

Different exit actions

Once all conditions in a rule matched on your incoming Segment traffic you have different action-options:

  • Trigger an external event to start a marketing automation
  • Collect the data and store it in the Emarsys Relational Data platform to use it in segments or for content personalisation
  • Export as CSV to a remote storage

Use any data

You can use any value from the data that is sent by Segment. You simply have to define which attribute from the data you want keep in sync with the data in the Emarsys platform.

How can I connect Segment with Emarsys?

Contact your Emarsys success manager or request a demo using the form above.

Once Emarsys for Segment is added to your Emarsys package/commercial agreement:

  1. It will be enabled in your Emarsys account.
  2. You will receive a token.
  3. This token is required by the Emarsys destination in your Segment account.
  4. You have to enable the Emarsys destination in your Segment account and enter this token.
  5. Once enabled we will assist you with setting up your first rules in the connector.

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