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Emarsys for Zendesk

Integrate Emarsys within Zendesk. Access contact data within the ticket view.

Emarsys for Zendesk enhances and further personalize direct communications with your customers via the support channel.

What does Emarsys for Zendesk do?

Within Zendesk, Emarsys feeds all the contact information available in the contact data base, making sure your support communication is always in context and allow you to personalize your interaction and take advantage of the full contact profile and past customer behaviour. The result is improved customer experience and satisfaction.

What is Zendesk?

Zendesk builds software for better customer relationships. It empowers organizations to improve customer engagement and better understand their customers. Zendesk products are easy to use and implement. They give organizations the flexibility to move quickly, focus on innovation, and scale with their growth.

How do you enable it?

  1. Install the the Emarsys app directly from the Zendesk marketplace
  2. If asked for a token while installing, please type “Emarsys”.
  3. Contact your Emarsys success manager to add the integration to your package and enable it on your Emarsys account

Zendesk ticket and user view

– Fully customizable by design. _See next paragraph._
– Open/close widgets and widget categories, to have a great overview over all relevant information
– Make widgets open/close on default. _Customizable by each agent individually to meet everyones needs._
– Functionality encapsuled in widgets
– __Account info__ with general contact fields which are directly _editable_
– __Spending info__ from predict, like buyer status, predicted turnover and more
– __Trigger external events__ with full control over available events to trigger
– __Email general__ with statisticts about emails received
– __Email history__ to see all emails ever sent to the contact with an indicator if the send was successful
– __Predict__ has more than one widget, that all share a list with products relevant to that widgets, with pictures, prices and availability
– __Last session__ shows the products from last session
– __Last purchased__ shows the products that were last purchased by this contact
– __Last abandoned__ has a list of products in the last abandoned cart
– __Recommended__ is powered by predict and recommends products based on the contacts behaviour and data

Customize your agents experience with the Add-on in the Emarsys platform

We’ve got you covered with default settings, that fit most use cases perfectly fine.But if you want to to create your own user experience we have everything for that as well:
– Enable/disable widgets
– Change default opened/close state of widgets, to create the integration you need. Each agent can also edit these settings for themselves individually.
– Control visibility and editability of each individual information in the widget _(e.g. first name, email, opt-in, etc.)_
– Change names and icons of widgets
– Create your own widget categories, to fit your agents workflow
– Some widgets like __Trigger external events__ or __Email history__ have specific settings, that let you control their behaviour


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