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Emarsys Open Time Content

Contextualized Personalization in Real Time

Include the most engaging content in your email, populated at the exact time it is opened. Website, social, and product data are combined with customer behavior history, and then contextualized as the email is accessed.

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    Creating attractive and relevant email is vital to engagement, but making personalized content stand out has become an increasingly complex challenge. Open Time Content elevates automated personalization to take place in real time as the email is opened, ensuring your content is up-to-the-moment with maximum engagement potential.


    Increase engagement through personalization, boost acquisition rates, display current offers from a pool of existing live sources relevant to the recipient’s context, all while significantly reducing email build times.


    Website, social, or product data is combined with customer behavior history, and contextualized as the email is read, not when it is sent. Emarsys Open Time Content widgets are content placeholders that can be embedded in email campaigns to provide highly personalized content in real time, using pre-defined content-variable relationships.

  1. Contextual Rule Builder

    Content creation is governed by a flexible set of customizable logic rules. With an intuitive interface, rules can be combined to display sophisticated, contextually relevant content at the time of access, based on device, weather, date & time, geolocation, and/or behavioral data.

  2. Automated Real-Time Personalization

    OTC will link to content feeds from your product catalog, social feeds (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter), or website, with contextual conditions that OTC will use to automatically convert into relevant images that populate at the moment the email is viewed.

  3. Countdown Timers

    Content widgets that can be linked to a fixed-point countdown, or triggered by customer action, giving a live countdown within your email that will always stay current.

  4. Behavioral Personalization

    Ensures your emails are highly relevant and engaging to each recipient, by leveraging collected customer data. This not only shows the right product at the right time, but also adds relevant information to product imagery to increase traction.

  1. Offline / Online Cross-Campaigns

    Use geolocation to bridge the online-offline world and inform recipients of the nearest store where they can snap up a bargain.

  2. Weather Aware

    Display a live forecast at the recipient’s location, and include feature-relevant images based on the current weather conditions. Highlight products relevant to the current weather at the time the email is read, complete with real-time stock availability information.

  3. Real-Time Product Promotion

    With OTC, the customer will never be frustrated by seeing a sale item that ran out of stock moments ago. They will not be offered another copy of the product they just bought. OTC can even resurrect the once reviled “set-and-forget” campaigns, as the automated placeholder widgets will constantly repopulate for perennially fresh content.

  4. Product Customization

    Widgets extend to customizing your product previews themselves. Images can include placeholder widgets for bespoke elements, such as writing the customer’s name on the preview of their new football jersey.

  5. User-Generated Content

    Strengthen your brand by automatically pulling user-generated content into your emails, e.g. add the latest user blog posts.

  6. Drive Urgency with Time-Critical Campaigns

    Encourage engagement with live countdowns timers that give recipients a time-sensitive incentive (e.g. promote a limited-time offer to you new subscribers or first-time buyers). Define the end time manually, or set a countdown from the moment an automated email is sent.

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