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Grow your database faster. Send high-performing campaigns. Increase purchases with email retargeting automatically. All of the results (without any of the work).


Ematic is a Software as a Service (SaaS) company that helps marketers improve their performance across digital marketing channels. Headquartered in Singapore with offices and team members around the world, the Ematic Solutions team share a singular passion: helping customers achieve better marketing performance through smarter use of data.


We are focused on helping companies across all industries increase their ROI in digital marketing, with particular expertise across e-commerce, travel, hospitality and media sectors.

Our solutions help our customers optimise their marketing efforts and drive revenue growth, through an easy-to-use, plug-and-play Artificial Intelligence engine that plugs directly into existing systems.  Capture more visitors, hyper-target customers with better messages, and get more purchases from every customer – automatically.


Ematic Solutions was founded on the principle of using hard data and analysis to help marketers engage their customers in the most optimal, cost-effective way and simplify email marketing. Our flagship product, Hi-iQ, maximises the effectiveness of every email and targets the optimal audience.

Make use of the Ematic platform to grow your subscriber database, increase email engagement rate, generate more conversions and revenue and much more – all without any extra work.


All of Ematic’s software solutions plug directly into Emarsys. All you have to do is focus on creating amazing content – we will do the rest.


Improve results from every campaign

  • Get maximum results from every campaign with just a click. Improve open rate, click rate and sales every single month, without any hassle.
  • Reduce subscriber fatigue, send personalised campaigns and increase lifetime value of every customer.
  • Automated lifecycle management for each subscriber – no input needed! So, you can focus on the content.


Grow your database faster

  • Get more subscribers using smart overlays. Analyse user behaviour and capture them when they are more likely to act.
  • Design gorgeous, on-brand overlays easily and elevate browsing experience quickly.
  • Track your customers’ browsing data. Send dynamic welcome campaigns that nudge them towards a sale.


Drive more purchases online

  • Bring your customers back to your website with automated campaigns. Turn purchase intent into revenue seamlessly.
  • Encourage one-time customers to make more repeat purchases.
  • Track user behaviour on your website. Improve customer experience with targeted emails based on interest, browsing behaviour and email engagement.

User Analytics Dashboard

Comprehensive email overview

  • See what is working (and what is not) across all of Ematic’s products – opens, clicks and revenues in one simple dashboard.
  • Trends & predictive analytics, including suggestions for how to improve the performance of your next campaign.
  • Detailed breakdown of the engagement of your database.  

Q: So are you guys an ESP?

A: We are not – all of our products are plug-ins that connect directly into your current ESP, such as Emarsys. We offer an additional intelligence layer for your emails, to add self-optimisation and improve results for your email marketing.

Q: Let’s say I decide to use Ematic Solutions’ software, what do I as a marketer need to do once its plugged into Emarsys?

A: All you need to do is create your content and hit send. Hi-iQ’s AI module will deliver your emails to the most engaged users, track all of the opens, clicks, conversion rates on a user-friendly dashboard, and ensure optimal ROI on your email marketing efforts. Our AI module focuses on the intensive, difficult work of analysing email data so you can focus on content.

Q: This sounds fantastic! It must be really expensive, right?

A: Not at all! We charge based on your subscriber base, with the goal of growing your business. As an example, we charge an affordable $99 USD per month for a database size of up to 25,000 subscribers.



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