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FINDOLOGIC is the search solution for your online store. Let your customers quickly find what they are looking for on all devices! Because customers only buy what they can find. With FINDOLOGIC your profits will increase well over 25%, as proven by our research


    Over 30% of customers intending to purchase something on an online shop use the search function right after entering the site. But they are only able to buy things they can actually find. If they cannot find what they want, they will get frustrated immediately. Therefore you need to provide them with a tool, which allows them to discover what they are searching for in a quick and satisfying way. Put simply, FINDOLOGIC supplies the tools to solve this problem, while additionally driving your shops conversion rate.

  2. How does it work?

    FINDOLOGIC’s “Direct Integration“ combines the most advanced set of tools with an intuitive user interface to help e-commerce merchants get the most out of their store and turn more shoppers into paying clients. The technology was designed to deliver target-oriented search results (within 200ms on average!) and help your users to find and buy what they’re actually looking for. By choosing FINDOLOGIC the merchants are equipped with a wide array of features, such as semantic site-search, filter-navigation, customised merchandising campaigns, on-site analytics and other tools for daily conversion management.

  3. What does it do?

    FINDOLOGIC’s “Direct Integration“ and its features allow you to gather 30% more conversion (on average). Additionally, it boosts the speed and performance of your shop, significantly. Ultimately, FINDOLOGIC results in over 25% increase in turnover.

Depending on the package you book, FINDOLOGIC’s “Direct Integration“ includes the following features plus additional services:

Onsite Search:

FINDOLOGIC’s semantic Onsite Search understands a shopper’s intent and returns relevant and accurate results on the first page. This directly increases your conversion-rate and revenue.

Smart Suggest:

An auto-complete functionality completes your customer’s words as they type, returning accurate results instantly, with enormous speed. Suggestions are presented clearly, showcasing the inventory you want to showcase. Automatically optimized for the mobile version of your store!

Filter Navigation:

Set your individual filter order within seconds while using your FINDOLOGIC customer account. Make your store navigation even more flexible and user-friendly by enabling customer to select multiple values or attributes of the same search. Filters are provided dynamically via search as well as on your category pages.


Promote profitable products and redirect customers where you want them to shop. In minutes, this powerful feature allows you to create banner campaigns and redirected landing pages. For example, you can create a banner promoting top sellers or recently arrived products.

Guided Shopping:

Even before shoppers start their search, your customized Shopping Guide asks specific questions in order to direct them to what they are looking for, immediately delivering useful and personalized results. The required snippet can be placed everywhere in your shop!


Discover behind the scenes! Linked with your Google Analytics account you are able to understand and learn how your customers behave. Use this information to keep your store relevant and optimized.

User Interface:

Within FINDOLOGIC’s “Template Manager” you are able to customize your search-result page independently.

Additional Services: 

Customers benefit of several additional services, like an individual finetuning of your tools, workshops teaching first hand expertise and quality assurance programmes to make sure that you are reaping the biggest possible benefits.

  1. Are multi-lingual shops supported? 

    Yes, FINDOLOGIC supports several different languages and is available in more than 20 countries. The required languages will be determined during the booking process. After the setup the technology uses different linguistic dictionaries and algorithms for each language, accordingly.

  2. Is there a possibility to test FINDOLOGIC as a free demo? 

    Due to the fact that the contract is callable monthly and that there is no contract commitment, the customer is not exposed to any risk, when implementing FINDOLOGIC.

  3. Which shopping-platforms are supported by FINDOLOGIC? 

    The tools provided by FINDOLOGIC can be implemented in any e-commerce platform. Whether you are using e.g. Shopware, hybris, OXID or Magento, all features of FINDOLOGIC are supported and customized to your needs.

The FINDOLOGIC GmbH, has its headquarter in Salzburg, Austria. Since 2008 FINDOLOGIC revolutionized e-commerce by creating semantic search on a next level. FINDOLOGIC has specialized in the behaviour of search solutions and the technology has been developed in a way that, according to the search situation, the most wide-ranging technologies can be applied in order to find the item that the customer wants. That provides the company with quick and cost-efficient development, which benefits all merchants in terms of quality and price.

FINDOLOGIC offers multi-language and multi-channel solutions, excellent service and customized solutions to fit specific customer needs using a SaaS business model on a monthly basis.


Jakob-Haringer-Straße 5a

5020 Salzburg


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