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The Leading Quiz Software for capturing Declared Data.

Jebbit empowers businessess to create hyper-engaging, interactive digital quizzes and experiences that capture actionable 1st-party, consumer-declared data at scale. The Jebbit Platform enables the SPEED and CONTROL you need to know your customers BETTER. FASTER. MORE COST EFFECTIVELY.

The Jebbit Platform is software that was built for marketers, giving them the tools needed to create on-brand digital Quizzes and Experiences without ever needing to touch a line of code.

These Experiences then enable marketers to capture self-declared, 1P data directly from consumers, including their preferences, interests, and motivations.

And the cherry on top? Not only do Jebbit Quizzes and Experiences drive an average completion rate of 85%+, but they can also be published to any digital channel (email, on-site, social, in-app, etc.) so that you can interact with your customers no matter where their attention is.

1st-party data, declared data, zero-party data – whatever you call it: The data collected from Jebbit Experiences is compliant data that consumers willingly and explicitly provide to brands about their preferences, motivations, intentions, etc. – AT SCALE!

Or, like we said above, the data you need due legislation and news like GDPR, CCPA, the Google’s “crumbling of the cookie”, Apple’s new privacy features, etc.


  • Acquire net-new customers to file (“enriched lead-capture”: PII + self-declared preference data)
  • Enrich customer profiles & database segments (or, create new ones)
  • Increase conversion rates & overall brand engagement
  • Power real-time personalization
  • Gather cross-organization insights And more!

Using Jebbit’s integration into the Emarsys Platform, organizations can send any first-party, declared data collected from Jebbit Quizzes and Experiences into the Emarsys contact database to either update an existing consumer record or, to create a net-new record when Jebbit is used for acquisition purposes. Both attribute-level data and events from Jebbit any engagement can also trigger real-time, personalized emails or complex automated engagement programs like customer journeys.


  • Product Finders, Personality Quizzes, Live Polls, Interactive Lookbooks, Branded Surveys and more using Jebbit’s NO-CODE Experience Builder.
  • Select from dozens of pre-built templates to make content creation a snap or, start from scratch and apply your brand styles with logos, fonts, brand colors and more.
  • Personalized Quizzes and Experiences using dynamic outcomes, dynamic logic, and even dynamic product feed features.


  • Jebbit Quizzes and Experiences on any channel using unique launch links, including email, on-site, social, in-app, SMS, paid media, SEO, and even OOH using QR codes.


  • Customer declared, first-party data scale: preferences, motivations, intents, and PII so that you can deliver personalization and relevance with every interaction.


  • Experience and Quiz performance, even down to the individual screen in real time.
  • Once live, you can make changes at any time to your Quiz or Experience to drive optimal performance using Jebbit’s real time analytics dashboards.
  • Use Jebbit’s Attributes Engine to create and map first party, declared data attributes so that you can know your customers better.


  • The data you collect using Jebbit within Emarsys (and additional technologies in your stack) to increase engagement, enhance personalization, boost conversion rates, enrich customer records, and increase customer loyalty and LTV.


  • Offer customers personalized, real time product recommendations based on how they interact and answer questions. Product Finder Quizzes act as a personal shopper to help you understand the “why” behind the buy.


  • Go beyond an existing customer’s last purchase or action on your website by leveraging Jebbit Quizzes and Experiences to help you complete customer records with the most accurate and relevant first-party, declared data. Using this data, you’ll see immediate lifts in overall email engagement, conversion rates, and over time, be able to measure significant lifts in customer loyalty and LTV.


  • Complement your acquisition strategy by approaching lead-generation as a conversation and an opportunity to provide genuine value to consumers. Capturing PII + key preference attributes like when someone wants to travel, their style preferences, or what they like to do on weekends can supercharge your personalization efforts and customer journeys.


  • Both come standard with Jebbit because on average, more than 80% of consumers who start a Jebbit Quiz or Experience will complete it. And using Jebbit’s multiple dynamic features, you can personalize and Experience in real time.

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