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No matter what you sell, our products are designed to give your customers the best experience, your developers an easy life, and you a warm sense of satisfaction. They just work. Our products help you online, face to face, and offer true choice in payments.

Klarna is one of Europe’s largest banks, providing easy to use payment solutions for 60 million consumers and 90.000 merchants working seamlessly across borders. Klarna provides simple and “smoooth” payment options to customers that give them the freedom and control to Pay now, Pay later or Slice it (financing). These options make purchasing quicker and easier for your customers because there is no need for them to fill in lengthy personal details or card numbers in order to shop online. By only asking for non-sensitive information – you will increase conversion on all devices. Customers make a purchase and then pay later at their convenience.

  1. Integrated UX:
    The Klarna Payments widget can be customized to match the look and feel of your website.
  2. No redirects:
    Reduce cart abandonment by keeping customers on your site throughout the entire purchase and application
    processes, which is mobile optimized.
  3. No risk for you.
    Klarna guarantees you get paid and eliminates chargebacks by assuming 100% responsibility for transactions. Even if a customer defaults, you still get paid: Klarna takes all the risk.
  4. Boost your average order value.
    Pay later and Slice it options can increase the number of transactions, conversions and your average order



Use Cases

Ego shoes

“Just one year on and we have experienced a significantly better level of repeat purchases because of Klarna and we can measure a healthy increase in basket size. This has been supported by upstream Pay later marketing initiatives such as social retargeting and direct mail campaigns where we’ve seen up to x6 ROI.

When you think that our customers can try on a number of purchases at home, only keep the ones they love and then have 30 days to pay later, it’s no wonder Klarna is proving such a winner.”

Usman Riaz


London Office
Klarna UK Limited
7th Floor, 33 Cavendish Square
United Kingdom

Klarna AB
Sveavägen 46
SE-111 34 Stockholm

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