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Real-Time Email Personalization Made Simple and Scalable

Liveclicker’s RealTime Email solution enables marketers to deliver engaging, personalized email experiences based on moment-of-open data, increasing consumer interaction and conversions.

Leading brands choose Liveclicker’s RealTime Email solution to drive message engagement, conversions and sales. Powered by our scalable architecture and ability to render always-on data from any system, the intuitive platform gives you all the tools you need to create highly personalized, brilliant email experiences, simply and at scale. Liveclicker’s flexible integration architecture, rich partner ecosystem and extensive email expertise help clients execute highly relevant email marketing programs that respond to each recipient’s constantly changing personal context.

Deliver the most advanced email experiences on the planet using following types of data:
● Open-Time Data: Detect the device, weather, time, and geo-location of each subscriber the instant they open your message to deliver relevant and engaging in-email experiences.
● Live Business-Context Data: Personalize messaging based on the constantly changing state of your business and your customers by displaying live offers, pricing, inventory, and more
● Behavioral Data: Harness the behavioral data of your subscribers by leveraging website browse data, predictive email geo-targeting, and past email interactions.
● Preference Data: Subscriber preference and demographic data is instantly passed from your ESP to Liveclicker, with no need for complex or time-consuming integration.

Hyper-personalize email content with RealTime Behavioral Profiles

Combine live behavioral data collected over the web or mobile app with email open-time data to bring a higher order of relevance to any promotional or triggered message. For example, retargeting and cart abandonment emails or win-back campaigns.

Drive more effective segmentation strategies with ESP LiveConnect

Export data from RealTime Email and consolidate it with subscriber-level data stored in your ESP. With a much more complete view of customers and prospects – all in one place – you can drive more effective segmentation strategies and boost program performance.

Powerful solutions, powerful results

RealTime Email also gives you the power to optimize campaigns based on automated A/B testing for engagement, click and conversion rates. And with Liveclicker’s powerful analytics engine, you can visualize how real-time content drives maximum success.

Personalize email any way you choose

Craft the best possible email content for your customers – any time they open your message – with our comprehensive toolbox of advanced inbox experiences.

  1. LiveRender: Incorporate dynamic image animations, such as live charts for loyalty programs.
  2. LiveScrape: Display current inventory, pricing, photography or articles, even after the email is sent.
  3. LiveFeed: Call any third-party API for endless personalization potential.
  4. LiveImage: Present unique images based on geolocation, mobile device in use, and more.
  5. LiveTimer: Create a sense of urgency with timers and expiration dates.
  6. LiveVideo: Embed videos with bulletproof fallback content to play directly in the opener’s inbox.
  7. LiveSlide: Stitch a series of images together to create a smoothly cycling slideshow.
  8. LiveCalendar: Add events directly to recipients’ calendars using highly accurate device targeting.
  9. LiveMap: Point customers in the right direction by delivering a dynamic local map in real time.
  10. LivePoll: Let recipients answer questions and see live results while you collect valuable information.
  11. LiveReveal: Captivate customers with scratch-off messages, prizes, or coupon codes.
  12. LiveForecast: Use real-time weather forecasts to cater to your customer’s current surroundings.
  13. LiveTracker: Engage customers in email with package-tracking info from many shipping providers.
  14. LiveSocial: Display live Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube feeds.
  15. LiveData: Get metrics on all your campaigns for consistent campaign tracking and comparison.

Captivate consumers with scratch-off offers or live promotion codes and display a live timer of minutes to redeem.

● Add real-time loyalty program status to inform, convert and grow customer loyalty.
● Point customers toward the closest store with geo-targeted maps.
● Use weather targeted images for seasonal products or promotions.
● Add real-time delivery updates and personalized cross-sells in post-purchase emails.
● Use time-targeted offers by displaying promotional images and swap out the offer to stay relevant once the promotion period ends.
● Personalize imagery based on recipients’ onsite behavior, such as products searched or last category viewed.

Founded in 2008, Liveclicker is a global provider of real-time email personalization solutions for B2C marketers. Since the release of its VideoEmail platform in 2009, marketers have used Liveclicker to captivate consumers and drive program performance. Today, top brands such as 1-800-FLOWERS, AT&T, Best Buy, MasterCard, Lowe’s, Nintendo and Samsung rely on the company’s market-leading RealTime Email solution to deliver engaging, personalized messages, simply and at scale.
For more information, visit: www.liveclicker.com, phone: 888-727-8130 or email: sales@liveclicker.com.

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