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Lotame Data Solutions Platform

Lotame is the world’s leading unstacked data solutions company, helping publishers, marketers and agencies find new customers, increase engagement, and grow revenue through audience data.


Why Lotame?

Lotame, the world’s leading unstacked data solutions company, helps clients understand their current customers, increase engagement, find new customers, and grow revenue with it’s flexible, transparent, portable audience data solutions & services.

How does it work?

Lotame’s Customer HD and Prospect LAB uses advanced machine-learning to enhance customer and prospect engagement and targeting opportunities.

We also offer an award-winning client success team that is on-call to help you manage the process.

What does it do?

●      Expand what you know about your current customer

●      Build prospect pools for customer acquisition initiatives based data-backed learnings

●      Activate in Lotame’s 40+ activation channels


Expand what you know about your current customers outside the context of their interactions with your business. Drive greater intelligence about their habits, spending, demographics and buying intentions to better inform your triggered and scheduled one-to-one marketing initiatives. Fill in the gaps in your understanding of how and when to best message, convert, upsell, and cross-sell customers at scale using consumer attribute and behavioral data, sourced from the industry’s leading commercial data providers.

With CustomerHD, not only can you see a visualization of the data to glean new insights and opportunities, but you can apply that intelligence to shape your Emarsys marketing automation strategies. Drill down into detailed and well-organized categories of consumer data to identify and understand changes in your consumers’ behaviors and needs over time, so you can design and improve upon your existing consumer funnel.


Prospect Lab:

Leverage attributes and behaviors from current customers to algorithmically build prospect pools for customer acquisition initiatives. Select segments based on existing customers’

engagement score, purchase history or customer lifetime value, and use Prospect Lab to rapidly build prospect pools based on thousands of attributes and behavioral data points.

You control how large or how focused these prospect segments are. Target valuable, hard to find, niche prospects to bring into the top of your funnel. Or, spread your net wide and build look-alike models based on your best customers to find new customers at scale. Plus, through Lotame’s partnerships, you can take advantage of turnkey connections to leading DSPs, ad servers and networks to run your campaigns. Acquire new customers, as part of larger integrated programs, to get the most out of your marketing investment without needing to coordinate multiple vendors and technology platforms.

Use Cases for CustomerHD:

  1. Segment Your Customer Funnel: Improve your scheduled one-to-one marketing by leveraging deeper intelligence of your customers buying habits, spending, demographics, etc.
  2. Understand Customer Needs Over Time: Understand how your customers behaviors change over time, so you can develop more accurate targeting techniques
  3. Uncover New Opportunities: Use consumer attribute and behavioral data, sourced from dozens of industry leading data providers to uncover new targeting opportunities
  4. Create More Relevant Messaging: Leverage deep consumer insights to drive more relevant messaging, across screens

Use Cases for Prospect Lab:

  1. Scale Your Audience Segments: Use machine-learning to create powerful look-alike audiences to find more of your ideal customers
  2. Drive Continuous Learning: Consistently gain insights into your audience segments and the factors driving campaign performance in real-time
  3. Improve Your Targeting: Target valuable, hard to find, niche prospects to bring into the top of your funnel
  4. Increased Activation Opportunities: Leverage Lotame’s turnkey connections to leading DSPs, ad servers, and networks to run your campaigns

What is the implementation process like for this partnership?

Implementation depends on the use-case you’re trying to solve. Reach out to your contact at Emarsys or directly to Lotame to get further details.

What kind of support do I receive through this partnership?
Lotame and Emarsys have a team full of experts available to help you at every touchpoint of implementation, onboarding, reporting, activation, etc.

Can I build and export audience segments in Lotame and export them to Emarsys, and vice versa?

Yes. You can build audience segments in the Lotame LAB and then activate and export through our partnership pipes.

Do you have a list of the Lotame Activation Channels available to me?

Lotame has integrations with DSPs like AppNexus, MediaMath, theTradeDesk, adgear, etc. For a full list of our integrations, check out our website.

Can I download reports, dashboards and raw data that I use elsewhere in my company and marketing efforts?
Yes. We supply the tools and the flexibility to take your data outside the limits of the traditional DMP with API support and firehose capabilities through our Connect Product.

Can I use my own data?

Yes. Lotame gives you the ability to bring your owned and managed CRM, subscription or other offline data sources such as subscription lists, registrations, offline purchase behaviors online to be matched with other data in a privacy-compliant manner. This data portability means you can easily onboard and export your data assets to and from the DMP.

What geographical regions are supported?

Lotame is a global organization operating in all major markets.

How can I get more information on CustomerHD and Prospect Lab?
Please use the Request a Demo button.

Lotame is the world’s leading unstacked data solutions company, helping publishers, marketers and agencies find new customers, increase engagement, and grow revenue through audience data. Our real-time data management technologies, global data exchanges, and award-winning customer service make us the unrivaled, unstacked choice for clients that want a flexible, scalable and cost-effective antidote to walled gardens from the large MarTech stack companies. As the pioneer data management platform thirteen years ago, Lotame has continuously innovated to become the trusted data solutions company for global enterprises. Lotame is headquartered in New York City and Columbia MD, with offices around the world, including London, Singapore, Mumbai and Sydney. Learn more at www.lotame.com.



Lotame Headquarters

8850 Stanford Blvd, Suite 4000

Columbia, MD 21045

t. +1 410 379 2195

email: info@lotame.com


New York

Servicing North & South America

440 9th Avenue, Floor 15

New York, NY 10001

t. +1 646 556 6300

email: info@lotame.com



Servicing India

t. + 91 99875 10792

email: infoapac@lotame.com



Servicing Asia Pacific

3 Harbourfront Place, Level 11

Harbourfront Tower 2

Singapore 099254

email: info@lotame.com



Servicing Europe, the Middle East & Africa

233 High Holborn, 5th Floor

London, WC1V 7DN

t. +44 (0) 2037 892420

email: info@lotame.com



Servicing Australia & New Zealand

t. +61 (0)420 477 878

email: info@lotame.com

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