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Mention Me

The Referral Engineering™ platform for growth-obsessed ecommerce brands.

Engage your best customers, acquire new ones and hit every one of your KPIs with our referral marketing platform.

Mention Me equips brands to engineer their referral marketing, making it an always-on, high-performance, growth driver that raises the performance of everything it touches. To date, our world-class programmes have delivered more than 4m referrals totalling £1bn+ in revenue for 450+ brands around the globe.

Together, Mention Me and Emarsys accelerate performance through seamless customer experiences – helping brands to build loyal, lasting relationships that turn their customer base into an engine for growth and revenue.

Easy integration

Go live in 30 days (or less) with the help of our Onboarding team, and see results fast. Mention Me easily integrates with Javascript tags and plugs into all major e-commerce platforms.

A/B testing by cohort

Gather insight-rich, actionable data while acquiring customer and nurturing advocacy with our sophisticated A/B testing by cohort and segmentation capabilities. Experiment throughout the referral journey, from copy and design to touchpoints and incentives, to discover what resonates with your target audiences.

A deep understanding of the psychology of referral

Our Referral Experts have run referral programmes for over 450 brands, generating over 4 million referrals in the process. Take advantage of unparalleled expertise to build and run a highly effective referral programme that supports your wider marketing activity.

Name Share™

Our unique sharing method lets customers refer simply by telling friends to ‘enter my name at checkout’ for exclusive rewards, eliminating the need to find codes buried in email inboxes. It drives 34% of all referrals across our clientbase.

Drive the next best action
Nurture advocacy in customers not yet ready to refer by driving them to sign up to your newsletter, buy again with a discount on next order, give NPS feedback or choose between the three.

Integrate into your marketing stack

We’re listed on SAP Store and our integration partners include Ometria, Magneto, Shopify, WeGift, Giftcloud, Emarsys, Vervaunt, Klaviyo, Zapier, Dotmailer and Retain.me. Check out our ever-growing list of partners here.

Our Referral Engineering™ platform empowers ambitious ecommerce brands to:

Acquire new (and better) customers

Referral marketing is inherently trustworthy and relevant, offering brands a way to bypass consumer distrust (and ad blockers) and bring in new, high-quality customers. On average, our platform increases new customer acquisition by 8% (rising to as much as 30%) and AOV by 11%. Referred customers are also 5x more likely to refer onwards.

See how PrettyLittleThing acquired thousands of new customers in just three months.

Maximise revenue by engaging existing customers

Reward loyal customers for their loyalty and brand advocacy with tangible incentives such as discounts, free gifts and competition entry. Experiment to discover the incentives most likely to drive action for your specific customer segments to create a cycle of growth that keeps on spinning.

Learn how Ribble Cycles has increased average order value by 32% through referral.

Strengthen your brand positioning

Put your brand mission at the heart of your referral programme with messaging and incentives that reflect your values – such as planting a tree for every successful referral – to grow a loyal brand community.

Read how vegan food provider allplants’ Green Friday referral campaign acquired valuable new customers.

Gather (and act on) first-party data

Get up and running with referral quickly, then test and experiment iteratively to quickly learn about customers and make changes to your referral and wider marketing campaigns accordingly. Use referral data to enhance performance throughout the customer lifecycle – lookalike audiences for paid social, for example, typically uplift social conversion rates by 53%.

Discover how Spoke drives 30% higher ROAS for referrer lookalike versus standard seed audiences on Facebook.

Open a lasting marketing channel in record time

Referral never maxes out – it ramps up as you optimise it, tapping into both online and offline conversations and relationships to initiate potentially limitless growth. It also equips brands to sustain sudden growth during seasonal promotions, acquiring new, high-quality customers while nurturing existing ones to keep them coming back.

Check out our ebook on How to open a sustainable revenue stream in 30 days or less here.

Mention Me Ltd: Vox Studios, 1-45 Durham Street, London, SE11 5JH

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