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Mention me

Engage customers, maximise lifetime value and drive referrals

Our all-in-one platform provides the tools and expertise to turn your customer base into an  engine for growth. 

About Mention Me    

Mention Me powers referral marketing and customer retention for 400+ brands worldwide,  including Farfetch, Cole Haan and Nutmeg. Mention Me Refer incentivises word-of-mouth to  turn customers into brand advocates. Its fully customisable customer journey offers 17  languages, 15 reward types and 15 sharing methods including unique name share feature  that delivers 35% more referrals. Optimise performance with advanced AB testing and  segmentation. Best suited to businesses with 4000+ monthly orders.

What Can Mention Me Refer do for you?    

Tell us about your business and we’ll tell you what you could achieve with our referral  marketing platform. We’ve created this calculator based on our work with 400+ brands  across sectors​.   ​https://www.mention-me.com/performance-calculator

  • Trusted by over 400 international brands
  • Easy 2 tag integration
  • Award-winning refer-a-friend platform and marketing experts

Recognised by awards including a Bronze Stevie, The Drum’s 50 under 30, and Drapers Best Tech Start-up


Easy integration

Set up with just two Javascript tags and minimal tech work. Our platform seamlessly integrates in-app and with your marketing stack

Best in class user journey

Simple, intuitive user journey with slick micro-interactions

A/B testing by cohorts

Discover what resonates with different customer cohorts, from incentives to copy and design, for optimal results. ​3-7x performance uplift by AB testing in the first 6 months

Widest choice of sharing options

Choose from over 15 different sharing methods, including a unique way of capturing offline referrals

Name-sharing function

Capture offline conversations to drive even more referrals. Our unique feature drives 35% of all referrals

Diverse rewards and fulfilment options

Flexible options for your incentive strategy, with discount and non-discount rewards.

Intuitive reporting dashboard

Monitor real-time performance, easily analyse complex data, and get core metrics at a glance in our self-serve platform

International options

We offer 17 languages already translated for you to enable referral around the world

Accelerate Growth – ​Farfetch case study​ (Fashion Retail)

Strengthen reputation – ​Scotch & Soda case study​ ( Fashion Retail)

Captivate fans, both locally & globally – ​Hoxton Hotel case study​ (Travel)

Drive Organic Growth –​ ​All plants case study​ (Food & Beverage)

Deliver Delight – ​Bloom & Wild case study​ (Gifting)

Spread the word & shake up the market – ​Ovo energy case study​ (Utilities)

Optimise referrals with A/B testing –​ ​Animal Friends Case study​ (Insurance)

Magnify brand love​ – ​Benefit Cosmetics case study​ (Beauty)

Use In-app referrals to drive customer acquisition​ – ​Nutmeg & MusicMagpie case study (Finance & Entertainment)

London, UK / ​VG01 Vox Studios, 1-45 Durham St, London SE11 5JH / ​020 3813 4460  Paris, France / Wework, 4 rue Jules Lefebvre 75009 Paris, France, Phone: ​0​1 82 88 81 72

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