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The Professional Messenger Communication Software for Businesses

Take advantage of the most popular messaging apps; WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Insta News and Telegram.

Messaging Apps Are Effective

Expand Your Reach
Reach 100% of your customers in real-time with messaging app marketing. No scattering loss, no algorithm slowing you down. Fantastic open and click rates speak for themselves.

Stay Connected 
Messaging apps have become integral to personal communication. This is the place to be if you want to stay connected with your customers. Because customer relationships need to be cultivated just like friendships, frequent communication is key.

Build Relationships
Contact your customers directly and easily through messaging services. Any time, right from your smartphone. The result: long-term customer loyalty.

Grow Together
The world of messaging apps changes daily. New opportunities and solutions are waiting to be put into action. Help shape this new world and surprise your customers.

MessengerPeople enables the distribution of digital content to end clients via messenger platforms.

  1. Content Distribution – MessengerPeople is a service that makes it efficient and simple for you to send newsletters to your customers and fans via messengers such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Insta and Telegram.
  2. Customer Service – Communicate with your customers through fast 1:1 chat via their favorite messenger platforms. Your customers appreciate these modern channels, leading to higher satisfaction and loyalty.
  3. Chatbots – Enhance and automate your communication with the help of our sophisticated chatbots. Bots are available 24/7 and are a great means to deliver excellent customer service at very low cost.

Get in Touch

Contact your customers directly. Fast and personalized. Messaging apps let you communicate with your customers eye-to-eye.

Stay Connected

Companies that take their customers seriously stay connected – and keep that connection direct. Messaging services help you maintain contact without interruption.

Minimize Obstacles

If you want stay connected, you have to minimize communication obstacles. Messaging services are perfect tool for easy communication.

Create Feedback Channels

Good service means being available 24/7. Messaging services keep you available for customer feedback at any time.

Build Trust

You need to build trust if you want access to your customers’ most private communication channels. MessengerPeople’s secure technologies can help.

Shape the Future

The future of digital communication is mobile and personalized. Messaging apps and chatbots help shape this future in real time.

Do I need a smartphone to use MessengerPeople’s service?

No, MessengerPeople is managed via a browser. You don’t need a smartphone or your own phone number to use MessengerPeople. Multiple people can attend to the newsletter simultaneously.

Is there an app for MessengerPeople?

There isn’t an app, but you can easily login at my.messengerpeople.com . You can also access it from your smartphone. Additionally, you have the ability to send a newsletter anytime from anywhere.

Do I need to use my personal mobile phone number?

No, MessengerPeople is intended for business purposes. We give you the personal phone numbers and all the necessary technology needed to reap the benefits of your newsletter and our service.

As a sender, can I use my own personal number?

Our system is highly automatized. Therefore, you can only use phone numbers that we give you to send things. Please note that you might be able to use more than one phone number for your channel. Depending on the number of subscribers included in your package, you could have several phone numbers.

Are there international phone numbers?

Just like with personal phone numbers, international phone numbers cannot be used. The reason is again due to the highly automatized system that we use. Only through the usage of our personal phone numbers can we provide our high quality customer support.

Can’t I do this manually?

In principle, yes to a certain degree. If you try doing this manually, you will soon find that making broadcast lists yourself is more cumbersome than it needs to be. You will then immediately appreciate the advantages of our service.

What are broadcast lists?

With the help of a broadcast list, you can send a newsletter to all of your recipients simultaneously. The difference to a WhatsApp group is that the recipients don’t know who the other recipients are. The newsletter can only be sent to users who have saved your telephone number in their mobile phones. Therefore, you have to communicate early on to your recipients that they need to save your number in order to facilitate receiving the newsletter.

What is a widget?

A widget is an application field that helps users manage certain features. In our case, the widget allows users to firstly select between different available messaging apps and, subsequently, linkage to their chosen app. An advantage of using widgets is not only the direct linkage but also the dynamic embedding of the particular phone number.

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