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minubo – The Commerce Intelligence Suite

Leverage Full Data Insight & Advanced Segmentation

minubo enables organizations to establish a data-driven work culture by providing data insights for every role – e.g. advanced customer segmentation across all data points (demographics, transactions, journey).

Why minubo?

In today’s highly competitive markets, data-driven decision-making is no longer optional – it’s mandatory to survive. minubo delivers everything you need to build a truly data-driven work culture: All teams make smart day-to-day decision relying on one omni-channel data base that provides them with proactive insights and enables intelligent automation – including advanced customer segmentation that can be seamlessly integrated with emarsys.

How does it work?

minubo is a cloud-hosted solution that comes with a ready-to-use commerce data warehouse built on customer best practices. It integrates data from all relevant sources (like e.g. eCommerce, web tracking, CRM, order management, POS…) and provides an easy-to-use web app that enables all roles to make data-driven decisions – with proactive data insights, best practice reports and analyses, advanced segmentation as well as data feeds to 3rd party systems that can trigger action directly.

What does it do?

In regard to emarsys, minubo helps marketing teams to build customer segments that truly boost performance: Through the integration of demographical, transactional and journey data, a most fine-granular level of segmentation can be reached that enables them to establish a perfectly tailored customer approach – e.g. with automated „next best offer“ campaigns. Also, minubo tears down information barriers between marketing and category management: Marketing staff finally gains full insight into product performance and stock levels to make sure their campaigns do always promote the right products. To further improve marketing activity, minubo provides broad possibilities of success evaluation.

  1. Omni-Channel Intelligence: With minubo, organizations get a full omni-channel data base that cannot only be used to feed minubo’s insights & analytics frontend, but also to unify processes across 3rd party systems like email marketing or campaign management.
  2. Customer Segmentation: minubo’s customer segmentation allows to segment customers across all relevant data points – as flexibly as easily. Those segments can then be fed into operative systems to significantly improve customer communication.
  3. Reporting & Analytics: minubo delivers comprehensive reporting & analytics capabilities that enable everyone to gain a quick overview of business performance as well as to dig deep into company data with detailed ad-hoc analyses.
  4. Proactive Insights: minubo’s pioneering concept of proactive analytics provides the entire team with concrete action recommendations on what to do to boost performance. Thus, everyone is enabled to make smart decisions based on data.


Based on the emarsys integration, minubo offers a bunch of email marketing use cases. Here are some examples:

„Next Best Offer“ Campaigns

Calculate typical buying cycles for your products and identify customers who tend to buy those on a regular basis – you can then offer them proactively and ensure maximum sales and long-term customer retention.

Stop Wasting Discounts

Identify customers who need discounts to convert – and those who don’t. By then adapting your promotions accordingly, you make sure you’ll never waste discounts to customers again who would have bought high-priced products instead.

VIP Treatment for VIP Customers

Your loyal customer base is one of your most valuable business assets. By identifying your VIP customer segment(s), you can make sure to provide those customers with exclusive offerings tailored to their needs. This will increase retention even further.

Engage First-Time Buyers at an Early Stage

Approach first-time buyers with offerings tailored to their needs – based on their initial purchase or common buying patterns across your customer base. This will significantly increase your repeat order rate.

Does minubo have an integration to emarsys?

Yes, minubo has an emarsys interface. It’s built to process data in both directions: Enriched customer data and segments can be pushed from minubo to emarsys and performance data from emarsys can be fed back into minubo.

Do I have to implement minubo myself?

No, minubo has a team of integration experts that implement the solution for you – from data integration across validation to user enablement. This process normally takes no longer than 2-3 weeks as minubo comes as an out-of-the-box solution with standardized interfaces.

I already have a BI solution, but need some support here – can minubo help me anyway?

Yes, minubo can help you with that as well: With their consulting brand GoProactive, minubo’s team of data experts offers solution-independent consultancy that already solved BI and data strategy problems for a number of renowned clients from the commerce sector. Learn more at goproactive.com.

minubo is the Commerce Intelligence Company for omni-channel brands and retailers – solving the top 3 challenges that commerce companies face in becoming data-driven in an omni-channel environment: strategy, people and technology.

Fed by a full omni-channel data base, minubo’s Analytics & Insights App enables both strategic and operational roles to make better, data-driven decisions – every day. Alongside that, minubo’s professional services team helps building the needed infrastructure and processes for a fast-growing omni-channel business.

Founded in Hamburg in 2013 and having a history in the development of enterprise BI solutions since 2008, minubo is backed by experienced industry investors like digital commerce pioneer Stephan Schambach.


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