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What is MobileDigital?

MobileDigital is a patented A2P marketing platform that lets your organisation send uniquely personalised visuals and text direct to your customer’s mobile text inbox. By including recipient-specific, unique promotion codes MobileDigital can deliver personalised direct response campaigns that are easily tracked to the individual mobile user level.

Why MobileDigital?

If over 99% of your customers opened targeted, personalised, visual marketing campaigns from your business on their mobile, could you grow sales? If you could track each customer interaction and map out, 1 by 1, how your customers respond to different types of promotions and marketing, could you use that information to grow sales?

If so, MobileDigital is for you.

MobileDigital is designed to guarantee that your marketing messages get through to your mobile customers, in a unique, personalised and visually engaging way. MobileDigital opens up a cut-through marketing channel for your business; one that is ubiquitous across all smart phones, independent of mobile networks AND does not require the recipient to install & enable any specific apps to receive the message.

Why personalised visual messaging?

Your mobile customer’s lives are made up of mobile moments; quick forays into their device to find information, seek inspiration, consume content and check they are not missing out on anything in their digital world.

A mobile moment is short; a 6-8 second window of initial attention in which to spark interest, create desire to find out more and deliver a pathway to action. Because the brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text, personalised visual messaging represents the fastest and most immersive pathway to action through any device.

The effects are immediate; 85% of recipients open and choose to take initial action within 3 minutes of receiving and MMS.

Deliver personalised visual messages

MobileDigital’s patented technology dynamically renders recipient-specific information onto a base image & delivers them securely to your customers mobile text inbox.

Redeemable, trackable promotions

Visuals and text can include recipient-specific, unique promotional codes to incentivise purchase for the recipient and provide a simple, comprehensive conversion tracking mechanism for your business.

With over 99% open rates, delivery deepens your understanding of your customers and what motivates them to take action.

Multi-touch campaigns

Maximise conversion with criteria-driven reminders to your customers to build on your initial contact and respectfully encourage action. Create urgency with offer-closing reminders to those who have not redeemed an offer. Thank customers who have redeemed an offer and send them a share code so they can invite their friends to your business. Use recipient-specific redemption codes to track which of your customers refer you more customers.

  1. Reward loyalty

    Go the extra mile for your top customers by delivering a personalised visual message of thanks, accompanied with a promotional offer.

  2. On-boarding

    Nurture first-time buyers into loyal, repeat, profitable customers by integrating personalised visual messaging into your on-boarding campaign.

  3. Buy-cycle marketing campaigns

    If previously regular customers have missed one or more buy-cycles, encourage purchase with a personalised visual message campaign.

    With over 99% open rates your brand is in your customer’s hand. You have your customer’s attention – what will you do with it?

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