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Movable Ink

Create email experiences as unique as your customers

Movable Ink is the leading provider of real-time personalization software for email marketers, enabling them to activate data and generate the perfect email content for anyone, at any moment.

The Movable Ink platform allows marketers to generate and personalize content the moment consumers open their email based on any content, data and business logic. We turbocharge modern email platforms by delivering content and creative that automatically adapts to customers’ ever-changing needs.

Emarsys users can create compelling email experiences using content they already have, or combine website behavior, proprietary data, and the context of the customer interaction to speak to customer needs. Our platform extensions easily personalize any email – newsletter, transactional, or journey – using each customer’s recent browsing behavior and seamlessly swap in individual interests and actions for default promotions.


Our platform is complementary to Emarsys and helps marketers:

  • Drive performance through revenue and loyalty with targeted and optimized content
  • Improve marketing team productivity by automating content production tasks
  • Differentiate through compelling customer experiences that were never before possible in email

Overcome limitations and break bottlenecks using:

  1. Image Personalization – create limitless, pixel-perfect content that drives better outcomes in the Instagram era
  2. Loyalty & Data Visualizations – present engaging dashboards and data visualizations that drive retention
  3. Real-time Pricing & Inventory – drive urgency with dynamic pricing or in-stock items
  4. Contextual Marketing –  target and personalize content using customers’ real-time context like weather, time, location, device & more
  5. Behavioral Marketing – target and personalize content using recent browse, search & shopping cart behaviors
  6. Automated Content Sourcing – power personalization with content & data from websites, APIs & 3rd parties
  1. Re-engage customers with deals based on customer browse behavior and real-time ratings & reviews, and serve up inventory messaging to drive urgency
  2. Tell a story with relationship history by sending year-in-review summaries that recap purchases and transactions with the brand, such as miles traveled, points earned, countries visited, and eligible rewards
  3. Boost conversions by displaying real-time pricing for locations based on customer’s location at moment of open
  4. Serve up top-trending products that are close to selling out by pairing them with live pricing from your website or API feed, and pull in user-generated content from Instagram for further social validation

Movable Ink is the leading platform that enables marketers to personalize email content at the moment of open. Marketers use Movable Ink to provide consumers with engaging on-brand experiences to grow revenues with every customer interaction.

Since 2010, consumers have engaged with 500+ billion content impressions from more than 500 leading brands, including Delta, eBay, Spotify, and The Wall Street Journal. The company is headquartered in New York City with offices in London, San
Francisco, Chicago, and Sydney.

Visit movableink.com and learn more about our platform by contacting partnersales@movableink.com

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