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mParticle’s customer data platform integrates all of your data and orchestrates it across channels, partners and systems so you’ll never miss an opportunity to impress.

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Why mParticle?

mParticle is the fastest, most efficient way to keep customer data in sync everywhere. From marketing to analytics to customer support, mParticle empowers different teams to execute on their KPIs independently while understanding the customer holistically.

How does it work?

  • Collect: Gather data from cloud services, backend systems, mobile apps, the web and connected devices through prebuilt APIs and SDK connectors.
  • Transform: Systematically tag, cleanse, dedupe and standardize data. Map events and attributes from diverse sources to a single schema.
  • Enrich: Append derived values and modeled scores to customer records. Enhance with added context and insights from behavioral, location and cross-device data providers.
  • Unify: Associate customer profiles across channels, devices and systems into a single unified view. Visualize them in mParticle or via query from external systems.
  • Segment: Build audience lists and sync them across external systems. Orchestrate multi-channel campaigns and experiences.
  • Connect: Connect to 175+ of the leading marketing, analytics and data warehousing solutions. Control, filter, throttle and monitor data outputs at a granular level.
  • Secure: Protect customer data and privacy rights with strong encryption, governance controls and live monitoring.

Data Collection: Ingest individual-level customer data–including first party identifiers, attributes and events–from multiple sources, online and offline, in real time.

Data Transformation: Evaluate, transform, standardize and validate data as it enters the platform. Map outbound data sources to endpoint schemas. 

Enrichment: Enhance profiles with added context and insights from behavioural, location and cross-device data providers. Append derived values and modeled scores to customer profiles.

Identity Resolution: Consolidate profiles at the person level and connect events and attributes to user identities. This includes linking multiple identifiers to a single individual once they’ve been personally identified.

Single Customer View: Merge data to form a single, accurate profile for each customer that can be activated across the ecosystem.

Segmentation (Audience Sync): Create and manage real time audience segments. Includes rule-based segment creation, the ability to import custom models built in external advanced analytics or data science environments and multivariate testing support. 

Connection/Activation: Make data accessible to other systems via APIs, queries, extracts and other methods in real time–going well beyond any particular channel marketing or advertising use case.

Data Governance: Enable risk assessment, control and compliance as it related to data quality, security, privacy and retention.

Integrate & Orchestrate your Customer Data

Customer data originates from a multitude of different sources with their own proprietary formats. mParticle provides data transformation capabilities that allow companies to standardize, combine and organize large amounts of structured and unstructured data and share it across the technology stack.

  1. Custom Rules: Systematically cleanse, dedupe and standardize incoming data using custom Lambda functions.
  2. Custom Mapping: Map incoming events to a vendor’s predefined taxonomy without code changes.
  3. Manage Changes: Control and monitor who can apply transformations with role-based permissioning.
  4. Data Enrichment: Supplement data with additional context and insight from other channels and enrichment partners.
  5. Unified Profiles: Aggregate raw event data into unified profiles that can be shared with analytics tools.
  6. Managed ETL: Prepare and load data to data warehouses in a matter of seconds with hosted ETL services.

Eliminate SDK Overhead

mParticle uses a single SDK to collect data once and forward it to over 250 marketing, analytics and BI tools with just a few clicks. This eliminates the need to implement and maintain multiple SDKs, freeing up resources to focus on core product development while giving marketers access to the tools they need to drive results.

  1. Deploy tools faster: Implement the tools needed by marketing and analytics teams with just a few clicks.
  2. Improve user experience: Reduce third-party code in your app for a faster, more stable user experience.
  3. Save engineering time: Maximize engineering productivity using a single API to deploy and maintain new integrations.
  4. Reduce app downtime: Add new tools without the need to resubmit for app store approval.


Sync Audiences in Real Time

Creating and maintaining audience segments is no easy task for marketers. AudienceSync allows you to create audiences using any combination of user attributes collected across mobile, web and CRM—then instantly share those audiences across platforms like Facebook and Google, various DSPs and SSPs and customer engagement platforms, keeping them in sync across all channels.

  1. Real Time Updates: Audiences are recalculated by the second, adding and removing users as they meet the criteria or convert.
  2. A/B Testing: Split audiences into testing variants to test different creative, messages and channels.
  3. Lifetime Audience: Segment and target users based on an extended time window and infrequent events.
  4. Marketer-friendly UI: Build audiences using drop down menus and boolean logic, no technical knowledge required.
  5. Audience Sharing: Securely share audience segments with other brands, agencies and teams.
  6. Bulk Actions: Search, organize and connect  multiple audiences with a few clicks.

Manage and active user consent

Marketers are responsible for honoring consumers’ privacy preferences across all digital touchpoints. mParticle’s consent management suite allows companies to seamlessly collect, store and activate consent across the entire customer journey.

  1. Collect: Collect consent across multiple devices, backend systems,and partners.
  2. Activate: Control what data is shared with your technology stack based on consent given.
  3. Store: Provide proof of consent with the ability to search and view preferences on demand
  4. Unify: Tie consent permissions back to both anonymous and known users profiles
  5. Share: Share consent permissions with partnered platforms in real time
  6. Update: User profiles are kept up to date with the most recent consent decision
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