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Easy and Affordable - Real Time Email Personalization

NiftyImages provides an affordable solution for real-time email personalization; allowing marketers to quickly create and modify endless images across an entire email strategy, helping improve user engagement and strengthening brand loyalty.


The NiftyImages platform allows marketers to quickly and easily create personalize content the moment a subscriber opens their email.  With no integrations or custom coding needed, marketers can leverage their existing data and known characteristics to deliver personalized and tailored messages to drive engagement and revenue.  NiftyImages will work in any ESP, CRM or Automation Solution.  NiftyImages works with 1,000+ amazing brands worldwide such as; CampingWorld, Ryanair, Babbel, Samsung, Careerbuilder, Adidas, ShoeDazzle and the PGA.

  1. Image Personalization – personalized images give each recipient their own unique experience based on any user data you might have
  2. Countdown Timers – create urgency for any campaign with custom designed timers and dynamic timers using subscriber date fields
  3. Rule Set Images – change images after a campaign has been sent based on predefined criteria such as date, time, device and user variables
  4. Photoshop Images – use multiple variables inside a single image or personalize them for each subscriber in real time, showing live text and images for each subscriber
  5. Data Sources – create real-time images that display the moment a subscriber opens your email, works with any API/Google Sheet/RSS feed
  6. Charts – display visually engaging charts that represent personal data points of each subscriber
  7. Real-Time A/B Split Tests – Automatically display the winning variant once the winner is determined
  8. Live Shipping – Show live shipping each time an email is opened. Removing the need for the subscriber to click out of their email to see live shipping updates
  9. Dynamic Weather – Display real-time open weather data or show relevant weather related products at the time of open
  1. Personalize an images using any Emarsys Merge Tag
  2. Have a different Welcome Image display depending on the time or day a subscriber signs up
  3. Show redemption options (image and text) that corresponding to client’s accumulated member points or loyalty points
  4. Offer different coupon codes based on a customer’s past purchase amounts
  5. Show a 2nd countdown timer to an event, after the 1st timer ends
  6. Show a map of the closest store location to where a subscriber opens their email
  7. Display seasonal products based on the open time weather
  8. Show a personalized chart of a user’s data along with the average of other users
  9. Change an image if the subscriber has/has not taken an action in an email
  10. Automatically change an image even after an email has been sent

Address: 10640 Mather Blvd #110, Mather, CA 95655
Phone: 916-580-2921
Email: Eric@NiftyImages.com

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