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ODICCI is an interactive marketing platform that empowers marketers to better engage with customers and gain deeper insights.


ODICCI is an interactive marketing platform that empowers marketers to create engaging experiences for their audience and gain customer and prospect insights through interactive content that can be built in hours (not weeks).

With a range of beautifully designed interactive marketing modules, the ability to perfectly match brands on any device – the possibilities are endless.

With the ODICCI data capture solution you can:

  1. Content creation – Create unique, compelling content that stands out
  2. Simple production – Build data acquisition campaigns in a couple of clicks, no need for custom coding
  3. Flexible distribution – Publish ODICCI standalone or embedded anywhere
  4. Open integrations – Action captured data thanks to our native connectors
  5. Detailed analytics – Analyse content’s performance and optimise


With ODICCI you can create any branded interaction campaigns in just a couple of clicks. Our easy to use microsite builder allows you to personalise settings by creating and updating page layouts without having to develop and/or code. You can choose from various templates or interaction modules and easily setup your customer interaction sequence.


You can setup games and/or competitions using unique or generic voucher codes combined with instant prizes, prize draws or sweepstakes. Or create a quiz, define the answers and make the experience fun and engaging for your audience.


What are customers saying about you? Ask your customers to rate their experience and encourage them to leave feedback about service, product and overall experience in connection with your brand. You can create smart, beautiful surveys with ease and the answers you need while creating a positive impression for you and your brand.


ODICCI offers you the possibility to implement personalised notifications (email or SMS) based on what respondents answer in surveys or based on unique codes they enter. With our template designer trigger notifications are easy to setup.


Review and analyse your results in real time. The ODICCI reporting interface gives you an immediate overview of the success of your data collection programme. Gain insights with real-time charts and graphs, slice and dice data with filters and download results with a variety of export options. Get the most out of your data and act faster.


Connect ODICCI directly with Point of Sale, e-Commerce or CRM programme(s) and manage any customer updates in real-time. Automatically enrich your database with never-seen-before declarative data. Leverage your customer relationship by sending highly targeted campaigns.


How do I know if ODICCI is suitable?

  • Is your customer looking at growing their email-marketing database?
  • Do you work with a retailer that wants to capture customer data in store?
  • Is your customer struggling with capturing customer data on paper?
  • Does your customer only have email addresses in database?
  • Your customer would like to setup a competition or a quiz
  • Your customer wants to capture feedbacks
  • Your customer wants to build a countdown or an advent calendar

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