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Many of Europe’s most successful eCommerce companies as well as major local chains are benefiting from physical mail, which they run alongside their email marketing and directly integrate into their cross-channel campaigns.

Direct Mail is one of the most powerful, efficient and compelling marketing tools to drive and strengthen relationships with your customers. Unlike other forms of marketing, Direct Mail offers you the opportunity to reach your customers with a very personal message. Direct Mail can easily outperform any digital channel, with conversions rates ranging from 1 to 8%.

We are currently delivering all over Europe. Please get in touch for further details.


  1. Book, automate and optimize your Direct Mail campaigns in a few clicks
  2. All forms of Direct Mail covered via optilyz platform: postcards, letters, selfmailers, and catalogues
  3. Transparent and competitive pricing
  4. Independent quality control of suppliers and competitive frame contracts
  5. Easy A/B testing of all aspect of creatives like visuals or formats
  • Book

    • Simple and quick booking of all kind of direct mail campaigns
    • Comprehensive quality control of (printing) suppliers and competitive frame contracts
    • Broad and standardized choice of print formats and materials
    • Automated data consistency checks
  • Automate

    • Setup of recurring campaigns in a few clicks based on use cases such as reactivation campaigns or birthday mailings
    • Campaign send outs based on timing (certain days or dates) or minimum volumes
    • Combination of segmented campaigns at send out to reduce postage and printing cost
    • Easy integration into major CRM systems and marketing clouds via API
  • Optimize

    • Broad range of KPIs to optimize like in email marketing
    • Easy A/B testing of all aspects of creatives like visuals or formats
    • Geo analytics to compare send outs and conversions
    • Benchmarking of KPIs across campaigns over time
  1. Customer reactivation

    Include Direct Mail in your reactivation strategy to re-engage with inactive customers. Can you identify customers that haven’t ordered for more than 6 months and are unsubscribed from newsletters? Use that trigger to launch an automated campaign and incentivize them with a personalized and compelling offer.

  2. Cross/up-selling

    Improve customer retention with personal upselling or cross-selling campaigns. Introduce your customers to new products or services with messages and offers that relate to their specific needs.

  3. Welcome letters

    Welcome your new customers with a physical onboarding package and convert them to fans and returning customers.

  4. Birthday cards

    Set up an event that triggers a personalized birthday campaign to congratulate your customers on their special day. Use your data to speak directly to each one of them.

  5. Referrals

    Reach a wider audience encouraging customers to spread the word and recommend you to their own contacts. Make it easy for your customers to recommend you, using tangible rewards that are easy to share, such as a postcard or gift cards with a printed voucher code.

  6. Lead warm up and conversion

    Approach (new) leads in a cost and time efficient manner. Generate interest and improve the attention span with a memorable offer that won’t get lost in their email inbox.

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