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Emarsys Direct Mail by optilyz

optilyz enables companies to run more customer-centric, sustainable, and profitable direct mail campaigns. The tool empowers marketers to integrate letters, postcards, and self-mailers into their cross-channel marketing as well as automate and better personalize their campaigns

optilyz is Europe’s leading direct mail automation software. The tool offers a straightforward way to print and send letters, postcards, and self-mailers in just a few clicks while also enabling you to run direct mail just like an online channel. Europe’s most innovative companies and some of its biggest chains use optilyz to integrate direct mail into their cross-channel marketing and to automate and better personalize their campaigns.

Hundreds of companies rely on optilyz, including HelloFresh, Esprit, Marc O’Polo, and Flaconi.
These companies achieve the following:

Increase conversion rates and ROI by 30-50%
Run more customer-centric direct mail campaigns, A/B test more easily, and integrate letters, postcards & self-mailers deeper into cross-channel customer journeys.

Reduce effort by up to 90%
Eliminate manual effort and coordination via automation and an end-to-end direct mail solution (from campaign setup to print quality control and postal process management).

Decrease cost by 5-15%
Drive up cost transparency and access a broad European print network and highly competitive frame contracts (based on large aggregated print volumes and enhanced efficiencies).

Automate direct mail campaigns
Automatically trigger direct mail campaigns when a certain amount of recipients is reached or at a fixed recurring time. This will save you up to 90% manual effort and enable more relevant touchpoints.

Hyper-personalize letters, postcards & more
Make use of extensive personalization and segmentation options to make direct mail content more relevant. Even 1:1 image personalization is easy to set up and will generate amazing results.

A/B test and optimize
A/B test formats, incentives and visual imagery to improve direct mail success by up to 70%. Keep track of your campaigns in our intuitive dashboard and update campaigns based on performance outcomes.

Access all kinds of formats & print methods
Whatever you plan to send, we’ve got you covered: Choose from our many formats, then print campaigns digitally or offset. Then lean back: we will ensure that the highest printing standards are

Direct Mail can be used for a broad range of use cases. The list below gives you an overview of the most relevant cases for which direct mail touchpoints are added to customer journeys.

Direct mail does not require any opt-in, which is why you can reach nearly all your customers. Take your CRM to the next level.

  1. Second-Order-Push: Encourage first-time-buyers to a second purchase with a well-personalized mailing. Lacking newsletter opt-ins or unprovided email addresses will no longer hold you back.
  2. Abandoned Shopping Cart: Incentivize indecisive customers to convert with personalized mailings and show them what they just left behind (e.g. via 1-to-1 image personalization).
  3. Reactivation: Reactivate valuable customers after prolonged periods of inactivity who are not responsive in other channels or do not fulfill double opt-in requirements for email communication.
  4. Churn Prevention: Prevent important customer churn with an exclusive and careful personalized mailing.
  5. Cross- & Upselling: Increase sales of related or complimentary products via direct mail by leveraging the fact that advertorial mail is usually kept for around 17 days and converts over time.
  6. Life-Events: Delight your customers with thoughtful mailings for special occasions (e.g. wish your loyal customers a Happy Birthday).
  7. Referral Marketing: Help your customers to spread the word and take advantage of the fact that direct mail can easily be passed on to friends and family. 35% of all direct mail is read by more than one person.
  8. Customer Retention Measures: Convert regular customers into loyal fans by thrilling them with not only email but direct mail too.

optilyz partnered closely with Emarsys to build “Emarsys Direct Mail”. The integration is used by leading companies across Europe and enables the most enhanced automation and personalization of direct mail.

  • Create direct mail campaigns in just a few minutes
  • Automate recurring send-outs
  • Personalize mailings, including 1:1-image-personalization
  • Integrate letters, postcards, and more into your omnichannel strategy
  • Optimize formats, incentives, slogans, and visual imagery of direct mail
  • Eliminate cost of unsuccessful deliveries and untargeted mass mailings
  • Send your mailings internationally, with local providers
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