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All-in-one Mobile Wallet Solution

Passworks allows brands to create and manage content for mobile wallets, such as Apple Wallet (formerly Passbook), Android Pay, and others.

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What is Passworks?

Passworks is a one-stop-shop mobile wallet marketing solution that enables the creation and management of mobile passes. These can take the form of digital coupons or store, loyalty or membership cards, distributed directly to your customers’ smartphones.

How does it work?

You select the type of pass you want to create, personalize it with your brand, define the content you want to communicate, associate locations to trigger location-based notifications, and then publish your campaign. Once the campaign is published you can update the pass with new content and send push notifications.

  1. Real-time updates

    Reduce the communication clutter and update your content using one unique updatable mobile pass.

  2. Push notifications

    Send messages, offers, reminders and updates directly to your customers’ phones.

  3. Location-based notifications

    Send notifications directly to your customers according to their locations.

  4. Beacon technology

    Manage and use beacon technology to trigger in-store micro-location notifications.

  5. Analytics

    Real time data to easily track and analyze your campaign performance.

  1. New, on-going and real-time communication channel.
  2. Engage directly with your customers/prospects through mobile wallets.
  3. Communicate links, Apps and all the most relevant information to your customers at the back of the pass.
  4. Increase share of mind of your customers through location-based notifications (when they are on a specific location to remind them about your offer or when a pass is updated).


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