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Grow your sales with Personalized Conversations

Increasing sales through personalized conversations. We help retail and eCommerce brands use big data to predict their customers interests and intent, and we execute for them the 1-1 personalized approaches in a variety of channels.

Smart Personalized Messages

Automatic, behavior based messages to shoppers wherever they hang out.

  1. Predict

    Understand behavioral data. Predict shoppers’ intent, and preferences

  2. Communicate

    The right message, to the right shopper, at the right time

  3. Earn

    Some of our customers see 30% increase in sales compared to their blast campaigns

Maximize revenues with personalized messaging

The average Personalics customer yields 30% more sales on personalized emails camaigns compared with non personalized campaigns.

Personalized Emails

Dynamic Subject Line

The subject line is dynamically created and personalized per individual. Product / category names and emotional cues are automatically served to drive engagement.

Dynamic Copy

Copy variation is automatically A/B tested and served per recipient to reflect the most engaging message.

Context based product recommendations

Product recommendations are served per use case and predicted shopper’s preference.

Social Media Remarketing

Converse with your customers via personalized offers on social media

Engage your customers with adaptive, cross-channel conversations utilizing Facebook’s custom audience API. Dynamically create micro segments and serve relevant product dynamic ads for each shopper.

Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

Each shopper is unique. Avoid blasting all customers with the same ad just because it ‘converts better’ after a one time A/B testing experiment. Instead, use individual shoppers journeys to serve the best-matching items in your catalog via Facebook.

Dynamic product recommendations

Utilize customers’ behavioral data cues to predict the best matching product recommendations.

Omni Channel

Speak to each shopper on an individual basis

Converse with shoppers in an adaptive and native way across channels to increase sales, throughout the entire customer journey. Personalics automatically tailors customer communications across channels using behavioral data.

  • Search Abandonment
  • After Purchase
  • Visitor Exit
  • Dormant
  1. Sell your inventory with one to one daily promotions

  2. Automated personalization with a push of a button

    Instead of your team spending time on selecting products for campaigns, Personalics machine learning algorithm will do it for you.

  3. Go cross-channel

    One stop shop solution for multi-channel campaigns. Send individualized messages through the right channel at the right time.

    Turn social media blast campaigns to relevant individualized messages. Maximize the targeting power of Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest with first, second and third party data. Expand customer relationships with relevant communication

  4. Supercharge your existing commerce, email and social platforms

    Don’t replace anything. We make your existing platforms work better.




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