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PHOENIX MEDIA Emarsys Connector for Magento 1 & 2

Magento extension designed for Emarsys by PHOENIX MEDIA

Why PHOENIX MEDIA Emarsys Connector?

The PHOENIX MEDIA Emarsys Connector is a unique extension, that allows you a deep integration of Emarsys features into Magento with almost no effort. When you are already using Emarsys and Magento and are wondering how you can combine them, this feature rich connector from PHOENIX MEDIA is the way to go.

How does it work?

The PHOENIX MEDIA Emarsys Connector uses different APIs provided by Emarsys to sync and manage newsletter subscriptions and contact data. It can fully replace the Magento build in newsletter system using Emarsys as data source for contacts and email campaigns.

By integrating the Webextend Javascript API the extension also allows you to track the user behavior of your customers.

What does it do?

The PHOENIX MEDIA Emarsys Connector uses the Emarsys API to submit customer subscriptions to Emarsys. It allows you to map Emarsys fields to Magento attributes and therefore gives you the ability to collect any user information you like. This information can then be used by Emarsys for various personalized email campaigns and recommendations.

The Connector can also display Emarsys Web Recommendations in your Magento shop by using the Emarsys Webextend Javascript API to collect customer, product and purchase data. This allows you to use the full capabilities of Emarsys recommendation engine in your Magento shop.

The PHOENIX MEDIA Emarsys Connector can also generate product feeds and allows an easy setup and synchronization process of your product data in Emarsys. Furthermore, it enables you to synchronize historical and upcoming purchase data from Magento automatically.


Emarsys Subscriber Management

  • Integrates Emarsys Subscriber Management into Magento
  • Syncs contacts and subscriptions
  • Handles unsubscriptions
  • Allows changing subscription states
  • Double OptIn

Catalog Management

  • Allows generation of a catalog feed in csv format
  • By using the build in Magento Extended Dataflow profiles these feeds can be flexibly adapted to your needs
  • The generated feed can be fetched within Emarsys Marketing Cloud

Web Extend

  • Integrates the Emarsys Webextend Javascript API which allow collecting the following data
    • Products in cart
    • Viewed products
    • Viewed categories
    • Search terms
    • Customer email (if logged in) to link the collected information to a contact
    • Purchased products

Predict – Web Recommendations

  • Based on the collected information using the Webextend Javascript API, Predict generates recommendations which can be displayed on the following shop locations:
    • Home page (up to ten widgets can be included on the Magento homepage)
    • Recommendations on the product detail page (replacing Magento default upsell products)
    • Recommendations in product listings (category view)
    • Recommendations on cart page (replacing Magento default crosssell products)
    • Recommendations in search results

Smart Insight

  • You can generate historical sales data from the last two years
  • Sales data generation is using low resources because the data is generated in chunks using a configurable cron job
  • The feed can be transferred to Emarsys using the Emarsys API after generation, but can alternatively be uploaded manually in the Emarsys Marketing Cloud
  • Credit memos and Cancelations are also considered when generating the sales data feeds


Hainburger Sraße 20/6

1030 Vienna


Phone: +43 1 71042140

Mail: support@at.phoenix-media.eu

Wesite: www.phoenix-media.eu



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