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Artificial Intelligence. Human Language. Awesome

Phrasee uses artificial intelligence to generate email subject lines that outperform humans.


Phrasee uses AI to generate human language for email subject lines.

As humans we all have personal bias and are influenced by our environment. In any given marketing team you may have as many, or as few, as 10 people feeding into subject line copy and approval. Phrasee takes the human bias out of the equation. It uses thousands of disparate data points to build an advanced deep learning model that can automatically write higher performing subject lines than humans.

What is Phrasee?

Phrasee is awesome AI technology that writes better subject lines than humans! It uses Natural Language Generation to write language that is indistinguishable from that of humans, whilst maintaining brand voice. This, combined with the application of Deep Learning to predict and optimise the performance of subject lines, delivers ongoing optimisation based on previous engagement results.

What does this mean for leading brands using Phrasee’s AI? It means an increase in email opens and clicks, meaning more conversions and more money for a business’s bottom line.

What makes Phrasee so awesome?

  • Your brand’s voice. Your brand isn’t generic… so why should your marketing language be? We write language algorithms tailored to your brand’s voice, and no one else’s.
  • Human sounding. Forget spammy open-bait tactics. Phrasee’s natural language generation tech ensures your copy sounds like a human wrote it. Only better.
  • ESP agnostic. No matter what ESP you use, Phrasee will work for you… and it only takes 5 minutes per campaign. And that ain’t no joke.
  • Make more money. Using powerful machine optimisation algorithms, Phrasee learns what makes your audience tick…. and makes you more money.

Artificial intelligence. Human language. Awesome.

When we on-board a new customer, our team create tailored generative algorithms, unique to a brand’s voice and business model. This matters. We don’t rely on a generic database of phrases, because your brand isn’t generic. Through Phrasee’s AI language generation, all of the subject lines are human sounding and brand compliant. Not only does it sound like it comes from a human, but a human in your marketing department.


Phrasee subject line tests are run using an agile testing method. Small, randomly selected test cells receive subject lines, and then after a predetermined time period, the “winner” is launched to the remaining audience. To benchmark performance, one of the subject lines is written by a brand-side marketer as a human control, and the others are generated by Phrasee.

The number of subject lines varies based upon the database size, the expected effect size, and various other metrics (i.e. power, historical results). For example, here’s a campaign that ran for one of Virgin’s recent sales:

View results

In this instance, a single campaign resulted in a 21% open increase, and a 39% click increase, versus the human control cell. Project that figure over the span of a year’s worth of email marketing campaigns, and it’s easy to understand the increase in Virgin Holidays recent revenue spike from email marketing.

Phrasee has a proven track record of optimising and uplifting email marketing campaigns, resulting in continued customer satisfaction with leading retail, travel, finance, and market-related brands.

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