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  1. Why Playable?

    Over 70% of consumers time on the internet is spent consuming video content, this figure is forecast to reach 80% before 2020. It’s clear that consumers prefer to watch, rather than read content across all their connected devices. Playable satisfies this consumer preference by enabling marketers to embed video within their email campaigns to drive significant shifts in engagement and response.

  2. Who are Playable?

    Playable empowers Emarsys users to embed short video clips in email with ease. Video email by Playable works across all devices and all connections ensuring all recipients experience high quality video at the moment of opening the email.

  3. How does it work?

    The Playable Video Email Platform allows you to embed a short (up to 10 seconds) video snippet in your email campaigns which auto plays at the moment the recipient opens the email.

    Playable works with all video file formats and sources from Movi to MP4 and YouTube to Vimeo which are edited within the platform to create a 10 second video snippet which is optimized to work across all devices and all connections.

  4. What does it do?

    Video Email by Playable increases brand engagement, response and customer spend by immersing recipients into the content they prefer to consume at the moment of opening the email.

Creating a Video Email Campaign


  1. Edit your own Video to create each Video Email

    Bring your story to life. Our intuitive online video editor guides you through the process to drag and drop your edits into a 6 -10 second video snippet, this is the video content which will be embedded in your email. The editor works with video all the popular video formats which can be uploaded from your desktop, your video hosting partner or simply by pasting a link from the popular video platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo.

    Our video WYSIWYG previews are in real-time so you see your changes as they happen.

  2. Enhance your Video Email

    Playable offers a number of enhancements, each designed to enhance your content of your video email, when driving maximum engagement and response is the mantra.

    – For a truly multi-sensory experience include audio in your Video Email. Playable’s Audio is compatible with all Apple products using Apple Mail representing 45% of the email universe. The remaining 55% of your recipients will continue to experience your video with sound by simply clicking through to the hosted video.

    – Playable’s Live Stream feature plugs your live broadcasts directly into your recipients email. At the moment of open Playable’s Video Email will retrieve and stream your live feed directly into the email. When the event is over Playable automatically replaces the live stream with video content from the event to keep the email relevant and engaging.

    – Add a link to your Video Email to direct any clicks on the video to your preferred destination.

    – Include captions to your video to increase your engagement by reinforcing key messages, offers, call to action or propositions, these can be delivered in the users preferred language.

    – Include footer content in your video to re-affirm your key message for the full duration of the video.

    – Add a static image to be delivered to the 5% of recipients (Microsoft Outlook on desktop) who are unable to receive video content within email.

    – Add an End Card to your video to clearly communicate your call to action and any offer

  3. Fully optimized Video Email delivers personalized experiences

    Reach 100% of your audience with Video Email that’s optimized to deliver the best Video Email experience. Using key information including device type, connection speed & email client Playable’s A.I. instantly connects the right video version to the right viewer.

    At the moment of opening a Video Email, Playable detects whether the viewer is watching on a cellular, Wi-Fi or fixed network connection, and delivers an optimized video to provide the best quality user experience for each recipient.

    Playable detects the language setting of the viewer’s device at the moment the email is opened, and then adapts the Video and Subtitles to reflect the viewer’s preference.

    You have the option to personalize your video email based on the viewer’s location. Playable utilizes available location information of each viewer, based on when the Video Email is opened. We are then able to adapt the video content based on this contextual insight.

  4. Reports and Insights

    Derive valuable insights & intelligence with Playable’s real time Data & Analytics The online console includes real-time reporting, allowing you to track high engagement cohorts by device, location, time, language, and more.


Video Email delivers results for Retail and e-Commerce

 To achieve success in retail and e-commerce, you need to be sending timely, relevant and personalized emails, but even cutting through the inbox clutter can be a challenge. You need to showcase your products and clearly communicate compelling offers to drive engagement and capture the click.

A recent study by Comscore found that retail site visitors who view video stay two minutes longer on average and are 64% more likely to purchase than other site visitors.

Video Email delivers results for Publishers

This 6 -10 second duration is working for publishers by delivering significant shifts both in CTR and post click engagement in terms of time spent on site post the click from the email. Video email is helping publishers cost effectively drive views of their video content and build an engaged audience that sticks around on their sites up to 8 times longer than visitors who arrive from other channels.

The opportunity also exists to on-sell video spots within publishers emails where advertisers publish a 10 second video within the publishers email, this is a super premium ad spot and commands rates at the top of the range.

Playable is empowering publishers to include video within their emails, with an online video editor, video optimized for device and connection to ensure the best video experience for all viewers and real time analytics.

Video Email brings life to your Entertainment experiences, generating tickets sales, social buzz and building customer loyalty.

To achieve success in Entertainment, (whether selling out the latest concert, movie release, or sporting event) driving views, social buzz and subscriptions to your content, you need to be sending timely, relevant and personalized Video Emails, but even then cutting through the inbox clutter can be a challenge.

Showcasing the experience you are offering needs to be succinct and have impact as you only have an instant to secure the viewers attention and the click.

Video Email is proving to be a powerful addition to the Entertainment marketers tool set.

Playable is empowering movie distributors, ticket agents, TV stations, movie streaming services, and video game publishers & developers to include video within their emails, with an online video editor, optimized for device and connection to ensure the best video experience for all viewers, real time analytics and many more features.

Video Email transports fans to the middle of the playing field in a stadium filled with thousands of fellow enthusiasts, propelling tickets sales, social buzz, and building hype for that next Video Email notification.

Sports marketing is all about hype. In order to engage sports fans, they need to get a taste of the most extraordinary moments in the match, whether it be a perfectly-executed goal, an outrageous penalty, or a heartfelt show of unity for a fallen player. With Video Email, every match can be marketed successfully.

Sports Broadcasters & Live Event Organizers are experiencing significant returns from featuring live video streams within Video Email campaigns, where viewers are presented with a live video stream of the event upon opening the email.

Customers will start their journey in their inbox as Video Email brings to life the joy and experiences of travel.

Video Email allows travelers to start their experience early.

Playable helps travel and hospitality companies across the globe keep occupancy levels high, airline seats filled, and customer’s dreams of travel fulfilled.

To achieve success in Travel it is critically important that your audience becomes captivated by the experience on offer. This is often hard to communicate by email. Video Emails instantly gain their attention, by bringing travel’s stunning imagery to life in their inbox.

Showcasing such experiences has an immediate impact and cuts through the inbox clutter, gaining viewers attention, social buzz and hopefully the click.

How is embedding Video in email better than adding an animated Gif or video Screen shot?

Embedding video in your emails negates the need to send heavy, slow to download GIF files which often result in a sub optimal user experience. By optimizing the video content delivered to each recipient based on device and connection type Playable ensures the best possible video email experience.

Replacing video screen shots with streaming video simply brings your video content forward in the communication cycle, engaging your audiences sooner and deeper at the moment of opening the email.

Will 100% of my list receive video within their email?

Yes 100% of your recipients will be delivered a Video Email experience with 95% experiencing autoplay video at the moment of opening the email. The remaining 5% (MS Outlook desktop users) will click the static image to view the video online or view the image on a mobile device to experience vide play within the email.

What video sources and formats can be used with Playable?

Playable works with all popular video file formats from Movi to MP4 which can be uploaded from your server or desktop.

Content you have hosted on your preferred video platform be it Youtube, Vimeo, Brightcove, Instagram, TwitchTV or one of the many others can easily be uploaded by simply adding the URL where your video is hosted to Playable.

What is the maximum duration of a video embedded within an email?

Video Email creates interest at the moment of opening the email that drives instant engagement with your content. Google is now using 6 second previews of YouTube Videos and Facebook has recently started testing 6 second ads to complement its current 15 second offering. Here at Playable we have found that Video within email works at durations from 6 -10 seconds.

How do I embed the Playable Video snippet in my email within emarsys?

Having created your Playable Video snippet you simply copy and paste the Playable HTML code into your HTML template in the position where you wish the video to be published.

If you wish to use the Playable Video snippet in a future campaign that’s no problem as all your videos are saved in Playable.

What support do Playable provide?

We offer 24/7 on line chat support plus email and telephone support at levels relative to the Plan you purchase.

What is the cost to create and send a video email with Playable?

Emarsys users get full access to Playable where you can create video snippets for Free.

We only charge once you start sending your Video snippet within your email campaign, we then charge based on each play or view of the video, which is generally about 95% of your openers, as we don’t charge for serving static images, which tends to be around 5% of all campaigns.

We also offer a Trial Account where you receive 5,000 free plays each month to help you get started.

Where can I find more information about Playable’s solution?

Please visit our website where you’ll find a tutorial on how to use Playable with Emarsys and case histories on how clients have used video email

Playable is an easy-to-use platform that embeds video to your email marketing using patented protected technology.

Our patented platform plays streaming video into the body of any email on any device at the moment of open.

Playable works with all the leading email platforms and all sources and types of video files.

Clients include leading brands such as Red Bull, ESPN and Warner Bros.

Founded in 2016, Playable is headquartered in San Francisco with offices in New York, Sydney and Melbourne.

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