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Predictive Product Recommendations

Increase your conversion rates with personalized product recommendations, powered by machine learning across email, web, and mobile channels.

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  • Why Predict?

    Emarsys Predict is an intelligent recommendation engine, powered by machine learning. It showcases the products that will maximize each individual’s likelihood of conversion across every touchpoint.

  • How does it work?

    As the engine learns more about an individual’s behavior, it will enhance recommendations that encourage them not only to buy but also to spend more.

  • What does it do?

    To ensure the highest level of conversion, Emarsys Predict recognizes individuals across all their devices, and reliably showcases products on any screen size.

  1. Email Recommender

    Predictive recommendations inserted into your email campaigns with just one click. Recommendations update in real time when the email is opened.

  2. Web Recommender

    Web recommendations come in various types, such as: ‘also bought…’, ‘related items…’, ‘recommended to you…’. They work together to enhance engagement, time on site, conversion and average spend.

  3. Cart Recovery

    Cart Recovery is an email recommendation solution that makes compelling, relevant, and unique offers – when they’ll have the greatest effect. By using our industry-leading Unified Profile feature, Emarsys can identify and capture more abandoned carts, faster.

  4. Discovery

    A revolutionary, mobile-responsive, online browsing experience which drives up to 73% more customer spend. Minimal set up, zero integration, and no IT support required.

  1. Increase conversions from your website

    Optimize every visitor’s online journey using real-time recommendations.

  2. Improve conversion rates with personalized email recommendations

    Personalize emails with relevant product recommendations to increase conversions.

  3. Abandoned browse retargeting

    Bring back visitors who left without converting, using targeted email recommendations.

  4. Abandoned cart revenue recovery

    Target shoppers with relevant products based on their most recent online behavior, and recover revenue from interrupted purchases.

  5. Boost revenue with improved cross- and up-selling

    Add complementary and additional recommendations to your online store and emails to increase customer spend.

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