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Add value to your Emarsys Marketing Platform



Boost your store's revenue by personalizing & testing your product page content

Personalize and test all product page content for different product uses, locations, promotions personas, your customers shopping habits, and more to convert site visitors quickly to revenue.

Personalize your product pages, once and for all. Prodport is the only eCommerce product page content personalization solution that boosts conversions, through a no-code approach.

  1. Market intelligence
  2. Creation center for copy and images
  3. Targeting center
  4. Analytics and Performance
  1. Test Product Page Content for Anonymous Traffic
  2. Real-Time Product Messaging: Targeted Offers, Banners, and Discount Codes
  3. Create Better Paid Social and Google Ads that converts
  4. Improve Email, SMS, & Outbound Messaging Conversion
  5. Utilize User-Generated Content, Influencers, and Quizzes to Your Advantage
  6. Personalize Product Page Content for Identified Returning Customers (1st Party Data
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