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Publicare Permission Manager

Manage Email Permissions and Preferences - GDPR Compliant

A single platform to manage email permissions, contacts and preferences across all customer touchpoints

With Permission Manager for Emarsys you’re able to fully comply with the GDPR documentation and evidence requirements and ensure legal certainty.

The add-on is seamlessly integrated with Emarsys and manages the registration and unsubscribe process for freely customizable preference structures. It allows you to create and document Double Opt-In automations in compliance with GDPR, integrate individually designed registration, preference center and unsubscribe pages and synchronize cross-channel data between Emarsys and your systems (CRM, ERP).

Moreover, Permission Manager automatically monitors changes to your data protection and registration pages, creates screenshots of every page version and provides a historic overview of all page versions.

This tool has been specially developed for Emarsys Marketing Platform and acts as a central hub for your custom forms, your forms created with Emarsys and any other systems that you’d like to integrate.

  1. Create GRPR compliant double opt-in automations
  2. Integrate your own registration and unsubscribe pages easily with Emarsys
  3. Manage and document separate opt-ins and opt-outs for different newsletter types
  4. Build a preference center and reduce unsubscribe rates
  5. React faster, automate more: trigger Emarsys automations from your website or any other system with Emarsys external events
  6. Cross-Channel Data Management: easily integrate third-party systems (e.g. CRM, ERP) with Emarsys and use them across different channels – without burdening internal IT resources
  1. Manage email permissions across your organisation
  2. Auditable records required by GDPR
  3. Capture the right permissions for each customer
  4. Give customers control to update consent
  5. Build your email list
  6. Lower email churn rate
  7. Manage contacts across all channels – seamlessly integrated with Emarsys
  8. Avoid blanket opt-outs to maintain a connection with customers

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