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At Return Path, We Know Email

Return Path’s solutions offer world-class deliverability, unique applications to optimize email marketing programs, and expert guidance to drive results for increased revenue.


Return Path is the expert in deliverability. Every day, our customers trust our data and insights to help them optimize their email marketing. Partnered with best-in-class email service providers, we help marketers take their email programs to the next level by driving more subscriber engagement and increasing revenue.

Deliverability: Get more email delivered to your subscribers

One out of five messages fails to reach the inbox. That’s a loss of 20 percent of potential revenue. At Return Path, we offer the industry’s most recognized and valued certified whitelist and data-driven solutions to help email marketers understand, increase, and monitor their deliverability and reputation, enabling them to immediately take action to ensure their messages reach subscribers’ inboxes.

Optimization: Drive engagement and ensure your emails stand out in the inbox

Return Path’s optimization solutions allow email marketers to ensure their emails are standing out in the inbox. With increased insight into how, where, and when customers are reading your email, you can improve opens, clicks, conversions, and ultimately your return on email investment.

Client Services: Receive expert support and guidance from our services team

Our team knows email and is comprised of the best and brightest minds in email marketing and will guide you through your email marketing challenges to provide customized solutions that drive ROI. Return Path offers a variety of support and service options to guide your team’s everyday needs, as well as in-depth, strategic consultations.

Technology Partnerships: Leverage our strong partnerships and access to rich data

Return Path has built strategic partnerships with more than 100 companies across the email space, including email service providers (ESPs), marketing clouds, digital agencies, and security vendors. These partnerships, established over our 17 year history, provide us with rich email data that we incorporate into our products.

  • Improve inbox placement with mailbox providers around the world through the only universally accepted program of its kind.
  • Receive accurate and comprehensive information around your inbox placement.
  • See the metrics that mailbox providers are using to evaluate your email and more importantly, how your program stacks up.
  • Validate and clean your subscriber list to reduce bounce emails and improve deliverability to the inbox.
  • Know which platforms your subscribers are using, their geolocation, and time spent reading your emails, so you can design and optimize your emails for your subscribers.
  • Get data-driven insights that include not only your own engagement metrics, but also show how customers are engaging with your competitors’ offers.
  • Make sure your emails look flawless across all devices, email clients, and browsers by instantly previewing your messages and receiving guidance on how to fix issues.
  • Understand how much mail you should send to each subscriber for optimal engagement and response.

Discover how you can leverage Return Path’s expertise to optimize your email program. Check out the Resources section of our website to receive daily tips from our blog, try a free tool, download a guide, read about one of our customer heroes, or sign up for an event or webinar.


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