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RevTrax Delivers Smarter Offers Through Any Channel


RevTrax and Emarsys have partnered to enable seamless, omnichannel offer deployment. For 10+ years, the RevTrax Offer Management Platform has helped hundreds of brands securely serve and track offer performance online or offline, connecting insights to decisions that save money and drive more value from existing marketing efforts.

The Problem: Marketers need a secure way to serve dynamic offers through multiple channels and connect to the resulting purchase.

Solution: RevTrax empowers marketers to easily send dynamic offers, through any channel, that are device responsive.

Why RevTrax: 

  • Reduce unnecessary offer spend and increase offer ROI
  • Secure your offers so you never lose control
  • Identify the right offer value for every consumer
  • Gain actionable insights at the purchase level
  • Deliver a consistent offer experience across all channels
  • Do this seamlessly across all of your digital vendors

What Does RevTrax Do:

The RevTrax Offer Management Platform makes it easy to run smarter offers and drive more value from your digital marketing efforts. With a robust portfolio of 6 patents relating to offer security, the RevTrax Offer Management Platform brings control back into the hands of the marketer.


  • Manage offers so they only go to your targeted audience
  • Patented security suite to minimize fraud & increase control


  • Gain actionable insights about the consumer journey across digital channels
  • Offer-data connects to conversions online, in-store, or to a phone

Save Money 

  • Optimize your offer-delivery with data to reduce offer-values
  • Use sales conversion data to inform media targeting and eliminate wasted spend

Your Partners are Our Partners

  • RevTrax already works with Emarsys!


  • Dynamic Offer Codes Connecting Unique Consumers & Their Behaviors At The Purchase Level
  • Omnichannel Offer Technology That Populates Coupon Codes At The Moment Of Open Across Email & Other Channels via Emarsys
  • Powerful A.I. Functionality To Deliver The Ideal Offer-Value To Each Individual Consumer
  • Device-Responsive Mobile Wallet Functionality
  • Best In Class Offer-Security Suite
  • Reach out to a RevTrax representative to learn more about use cases for the RevTrax Platform.
  • Visit us at revtrax.com for Case Study and Whitepaper downloads.

The RevTrax Offer Management Platform (OMP) empowers brands to deliver offers across channels, track the performance and connect insights to decisions that save you money and drive more value from your marketing efforts. Our OMP connects across all digital vehicles and offer formats, providing personalized offers connecting online behaviors Our expertise, technology, and best-in-class service transforms how leading brands manage, measure, and optimize marketing investments.

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