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Boost your sales by personalizing customer experience and increase customer engagement

Segmentify is a SaaS tool that helps e-commerce managers convert visitors to customers by making smart recommendations. Conversion optimization is a significant challenge for e-commerce websites where an average of only 1% of visitors are converted (make purchases). The costs associated with ads, SEO, re-marketing and re-targeting campaigns to reach one hundred visitors are expected to be recovered by revenues generated by a single customer. Therefore, it is critical to increase conversion in order to reach profitability.

Segmentify recommends the right product to right visitor at the right time by utilizing its on-site marketing tools, resulting in higher conversion rates. Segmentify’s ready to use Product Recommendation Campaigns are easy to use and they can be enabled by the touch of a button.

Segmentify’s two analytics modules Trendify and Bannerify, allow e-commerce managers enable predictive analytics by measuring, tracking and monitoring the performance of their products. Trendify and Bannerify operate in real time, through the entire conversion funnel by continuously taking relevant actions on visitors. Behavioral segmentation is a way of detecting and tagging your on-line customers that you normally would not have the opportunity to meet and sell face to face.

The better you Segmentify your customers, the better you understand their specific needs: the higher your profits!

  1. Recommendations

  2. Pop-ups

  3. Abandoned Cart

  4. Personalized Emails

  5. Real-time Analytics

  6. Push Notification

  7. Notification Bar

Increase your users ENGAGEMENT

Ready to use and customisable Conversion Optimization tools to increase users engagement.

16% Decrease in Bounce Rate

10.4% Increase in Conversion Rate


Increase basket average with cross-selling, alternative and campaign based complementary products.

23% Increase in Average Basket Value

14% Decrease in Cart Abandonment

Exit Pop-up

Click through rates for exit pop-ups with personalized offers may be 3 times higher than the regular ones. Try personalized popups to see how they help to increase your conversion rates.

Thank You after purchase

Segmentify predicts next purchase of that customer and offers next product recommendation in “Thank you” emailing which you sent after purchase.

Notification Bar

You might use Notification Bar as a new channel to spread you discounts, marketing campaigns and announcements to your customers. A fancy bar injected to the top or bottom of your homepage with a warm background is quite interesting for visitors.


Monitor your products conversion performance in Real-time, Optimise marketing channel budget with product-based realtime conversion rates. 15% Save on ad budget, Real-time descision support system with up-to-date inventory information to reflect customer trends on your website 9% Increase in revenue.

Online Push Notification

One of the best returning visitor action tool that you can use for your customers whose using Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers. Pre-selected rule sets may help you to bring your customers back while they were on the web and your site still on another tab or windows.


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