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AI-powered end-to-end marketing analytics build for data-driven CMOs, web analysts, and performance marketing teams.

SegmentStream platform combines the power of data & artificial intelligence to help marketing teams make smarter and wiser investment decisions and achieve the best results in their performance marketing game.

The platform contains 3 main components:
  • Easily integrate all your marketing data sources to see the performance of all your marketing channels into a single unified up-to-date dashboard
  • Collect your CRM, mobile and website behavior data to have the full picture of the marketing funnel, both online & offline
  • Load all the data in a raw format to your own data warehouse for complete data ownership and analysis in your BI tools
  • Automatically clean, transform and unify all your data for advanced end-to-end marketing analytics, including offline conversions and user’s LTV
  • Apply and compare different attribution models to evaluate your marketing channels/campaigns/keywords and audiences
  • Track your current marketing performance vs your plan
  • Activate AI-driven attribution modeling that analyzes 100x data points and evaluates the true performance of your current marketing mix
  • See if you are going to hit your plan by activating the predictive forecasting feature
  • Choose your marketing goal and receive smart AI recommendations on your online marketing mix: where to spend more, where to spend less

Documentation link: https://docs.segmentstream.com/

The company is headquartered in London, UK. Customers include market leaders such as Nespresso, United Colors of Benetton, New Balance, Eventim, MyToys, and many other leading brands.
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