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Smart Insight

Data-driven customer intelligence platform

Smart Insight converts your purchase and customer data into actionable intelligence, enabling you to understand and target your customers like never before.

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  • Why Smart Insight?

    Smart Insight is a customer intelligence solution, developed to maximize return from customer engagement. Powered by advanced scoring models and predictive algorithms, Smart Insight helps you to accurately understand and target your customers.

  • Understand your customers

    Visual analyses provide the answers to the key questions for your business. Learn what drives your customers, predict their behavior and measure the impact of each customer communication on your business.

  • Target them

    Treat your customers based on who they are now, and how they are likely to behave in the future, by creating smarter customer segments that drive results.

  1. Customer lifecycle module

    A clear dashboard visualizes conversion-rate monitoring and provides smart metrics for your contacts. With drill-down screens for further analysis, and customer and lead lifecycle visual segmentation screens, your attention is easily focused where it needs to be.

  2. Revenue impact

    Smart Insight identifies retention revenue impact over time vs. first-time purchases, taking into account product returns data. You can filter the revenue impact by product, customer, or purchase attributes, allowing you to perform detailed performance analysis or investigation.

  3. Segmentation

    Segments can be created based on any aspect of your data including purchase history, product attributes or even by using smart fields that are automatically created from your data.

  4. Enhance the Unified Profile with purchase data

    Include consolidation of purchases, or even product returns data, in the Unified Profile for each of your customers. The Unified Profile has unlimited purchase data storage capabilities (online and offline) and an easy-to-install script which captures web behavior (also known as Web Extend).

  1. Optimize your marketing strategy

    Monitor customer behavior with daily trends and conversion rates to optimize your marketing response for each lifecycle stage.

  2. Understand customers and their impact on your business

    View your customers’ behavior patterns in each lifecycle stage to understand their impact on your business. Visualized performance charts and dashboards provide insights such as the most popular product categories, average order value, the impact of one-off purchases on your bottom line, and much more.

  3. Enhance customer targeting

    Smart Insight enriches your contacts’ profiles with smart data to help you target each of your customers individually – by lifecycle stage, personal affinity to product categories, future value, etc.

  4. Automate customer lifecycle programs

    Choose from customized or preset programs to convert leads to buyers, convert first-time buyers to active customers, encourage loyalty from active customers or win back defecting buyers.

  5. Automate cross-sell and re-stocking programs

    Trigger programs suggesting complementary items after purchase or automatically remind your customers to restock just as their products begin to run out.

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