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World first – totally automated email solution

A plugin for your platform, that delivers personal regular emails automatically

SwiftERM is a predictive analytics application specifically for ecommerce. It nurtures further revenue from existing customers. It does this by using each consumer’s historic purchases and live impressions captured when that individual visits your site; from which it identifies what they are most likely to buy next. It then populates a style-sheet and sends them a unique email. It can also trigger on abandon. You no longer need to segment audiences or choose products, choices that are often slightly off target. What’s more, this unparalleled degree of accuracy works 24/7. It is totally automatic, that’s zero human input, zero hours of time and effort every month, and zero staff cost. It identifies loyalties, likes and interests. Calculating exactly the things that your customer wants to buy next, at precisely the right moment. The machine learning algorithm delivers the immediate benefit of this state of the art technology, comprehensively increasing sales.

100% Fully automatic – Zero human input

Once installed you don’t do anything. Simply log in to see your results.

SwiftERM sends out emails automatically, using all the data your platform captures on browsing, abandon and sales. A sophisticated machine learning algorithm crunches the analytics. This is state of the art intelligent software. It uses brand affinity, price point, color ways and a myriad of other subtle nuances unique to each consumer to calculate their highest buying propensity against every SKU. In an every increasing competitive global market ensuring you have the greatest advantage possible is crucial to your eCommerce business. With first hand experience working for retailers SwiftERM has been devised to be the most comprehensive solution available today.

Award Winning – Email remarketing solution!

Grab this fantastic opportunity to improve your company’s future

Get the most accurate solution for correctly targeted products to each individual. It identifies the exact products each consumer is most likely to buy, populates a beautiful stylesheet and sends them their individual email one at a time, and you don’t have to do a thing! It’s automatic, and this is the perfect opportunity to make a significant decision benefiting your company’s future. Maximize your turnover with each consumer. Voted the most innovative new email marketing software in the world in 2016, at the Finances Online Awards, one of two won this year.

Responsive design using your content

SwiftERM feature content you loaded to your website for a consistent experience.

Our software populates each email uniquely, using images and content from your website so it’s totally consistent with the native language, design and tone of your website. The emails are responsive so they adjust to fit all screen sizes and devices including tablets, hand-held devices, and smart phones. They self-adjust from html to plain text as necessary automatically. Our stylesheet was selected from thousands used by leading retailers, it delivered twice the results of it’s nearest rival. Full details of the decade long extensive study accomplished to reach this finite solution are detailed here. Don’t confuse us with a CRM system, we are exclusively an email remarketing system, an award winning one at that!

Quick and easy to install (Trustpilot Integrated)

We’ve designed SwiftERM so that it’s as quick and easy as possible to set up. It involves simply adding our SaaS plug-in to your website. During registration, simply choose your platform provider from the dropdown list provided, and you will be taken to their site where our plugin has been approved. Download it to your platform and enter the password key which we will email you. We invited you to load your company logo, which is used to personalize the signature panel in all your emails. It’s as easy as that, as there is nothing else to do, all done in just a few minutes. Uniquely, if you subscribe to Trustpilot, then you will be delighted to know that we are the only email solution directly integrated with them, so each product rating will be displayed with that product when it is selected for your emails. The scores come directly from their server and we feature them below each product in your email body content, totally automatically, at no extra cost.


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