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Add value to your Emarsys Marketing Platform



Better mobile experience with SMS and MMS.

The complete mobile messaging platform delivered with clever functionality, rich interactivity, and unprecedented insights. All designed to ensure the things you say reach and engage the people who matter most.

Not all SMS providers are the same. Tall Bob is one of APAC’s leading SMS and MMS solutions that combines the ability to send personalised and trackable mobile messaging into Emarsys. We’re different because we offer more than a connection: we offer you tech support and advice, and practical education and guidance to make the most out of every mobile moment.

We’ll work with you to make every customer journey memorable, measurable and mobile-first.

When you supercharge your Emarsys tech platform with Tall Bob SMS and MMS, you’re unlocking unprecedented ways to extend every customer journey with mobile landing pages that include engagement tools such as video, scratch cards, surveys, imagery, forms, links, document downloads, video/image uploads and so much more.

All so that you can create, connect and convert. And see your ROI soar.

Because, while some send. We deliver.

  • Bulk SMS and MMS Campaigns
  • Personalisation and Data Driven messages – include any fields you need in messages or landing page
  • 2-way SMS conversations – have conversations via SMS
  • Keyword Triggered campaigns – trigger a campaign based on a particular engagement event
  • Multiple opt out mechanisms
  • Customise Sender ID’s – set the sender ID as your company name or a mobile number (for reply path). There are certain character and country restrictions.
  • Emojis and Unicode – Supports Emojis and different languages using unicode characters.
  • Include tracking URL’s in SMS – use short url’s for individual tracking and to reduce sms characters count.
  • Create landing page links with engagement tools such as videos, forms, scratch cards, documents, catalogues, location maps of various premises, images and more.
  • Detailed Analytics, Report and Graphical interfaces
  • Capture all events in Emarsys to trigger marketing automation campaigns.
  • Lead to customer Conversion – Create and offer for your leads to convert them into customers.
  • Onboarding – nurture customers and confirm account details
  • Drive online and instore sales – increase purchase frequency and average basket size
  • NPS Scores – find out about how your customers feel about your products, service and customer experience.
  • Cart Abandonment campaigns – create incentives to entice customers to complete transactions
  • Customer Education and Nurture – use video to communicate and educate your customers.
  • Reactivation – reactivate customers that have not transacted over a certain period of time.
  • Life cycle marketing – triggered communications and alerts

Head Office – Melbourne, Australia

Suite 9, 107-111 High Street,

Prahran, Vic, 3181

Website – www.tallbob.com

Email – sales – sales@tallbob.com

Email – support –support@tallbob.com

Contact – Australia – 1300 064 409

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