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Taxi for Email

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Teams using Taxi can get email ready for send in hours not days; the last minute amend that used to take your agency half a day can now be done in seconds. Do you ever feel like even simple campaigns take an age to ship? Taxi makes your team more efficient, so you have more time to focus on taking your email programme further.


Taxi for Email is an email production platform for brands, agencies and marketing teams. Taxi helps teams to do their jobs more effectively. Designers can build email templates and control how they are edited. Editors and copywriters’ can focus on creating content without touching HTML, and marketers can oversee progress and manage the team’s workflow. Once a campaign is complete, it is downloaded or exported automatically to a sending platform.

Taxi for Email is used by some of the world’s most recognizable brands to make better emails and streamline email workflow.

  1. Drag & Drop Visual Editor

    The easy-to-use drag & drop visual editor allows you to build campaigns without touching HTML. Easily add content, arrange content modules and preview in mobile and Litmus in real time before sending.

  2. Sub-templates

    You can create multiple versions of a single email based on your fully branded master template. This enables your team working across multiple brands and audiences to work separately, but maintain brand consistency, which is integral to any multi-national company. This feature also allows the easy management of multiple languages. Translators use sub-templates to easily input translated content into identically branded email templates.

  3. Team Management/User Permission

    Taxi gives you the most control and flexibility over managing your entire email team, from designers, to content writers and marketers. The ‘permissions’ function gives you total control over what each of the Taxi users in your email team can do within the app. This includes changing the email layout, adding and editing content, exporting emails and much more. If you want the added peace of mind that your emails will always be on-brand, you can make use of our lockable fields function and lock down anything in your master template so that it cannot be editing by anyone in any sub-templates.

  4. Link Tracking

    Taxi for Email offers the automatic setup of link tracking. This automated process ensures that email marketers don’t have to add the appropriate tracking code to each link in a campaign because our platform does it for you. This automation saves time and eliminates the need for coding knowledge.

  5. Segmentation

    Segmenting your recipients allows you to tailor dynamic content to specific demographics within your mailing list. Segmentation will ensure accuracy, with no room for human error, when sending recipients dynamic content. Recipients will always receive content that is tailored to their interests.

  6. Dynamic Content

    Segmentation also enables you to make your content dynamic, as well as your modules. This means that a module of content can appear identically, differently or not appear at all across the varied segments within your recipient list.

Taxi for Email

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