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Improve Deliverability and Customer Engagement with Email Validation and Intelligence

TowerData’s Email Validation and Intelligence services provide marketers with clean, impactful data in real-time that keeps customers engaged at all points of their buying journey.

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TowerData’s Email Validation service identifies invalid, fraudulent, and risky email addresses on your subscriber list without sending an email.

Feature Rich

The feature rich service includes a syntax check, a domain check, correction of syntax and spelling errors, suppression of toxic usernames and domains, spam-trap check, group account flag, and finally a mailbox check to confirm the address exists and is active.

Globally Functional

Our proprietary technology is globally functional and can identify up to 99% of undeliverable email addresses on your file.  Available as a batch service for static databases or via API for your webforms, TowerData is known for our accurate results and granular reporting.

Email Intelligence

The more you know about your customers, the better you can engage them with targeted, relevant content resulting in higher response rates. TowerData Email Intelligence provides valuable demographic, interest and purchase data on 80% of email or postal addresses in batch or via a real-time API. Additionally, our opener data provides insights into active customer engagement, helping Emarsys users create better converting campaigns.

Email Validation

  1. Mailbox Check

  2. Domain Check

  3. Syntax Check

  4. Toxic Data Suppression

  5. Correction Algorithms
  6. Batch or Real-Time Availability

Email Intelligence

  1. 6 valuable field categories: Demographics, Household, Purchase Intent, Life Stage, Lifestyle, Buyer Type
  2. Opener Data

Email Validation

  1. Webforms – registration

  2. Batch processing against old, neglected data

  3. Implement re-engagement campaigns



Email Intelligence

  1. Create engaging content

  2. Personalize messages across channels

  3. Analyze and contextualize behavior

  4. Gather big data insights

Email Validation

  1. Do the service scrub spam traps?

    Yes and no. TowerData maintains a 2,000,000 record file of toxic data comprised of suspected spam-traps and habitual complainers. This can flag potentially problematic data, but by nature spam traps are secretive and constantly changing. There’s no silver bullet fix to spam traps, the best approach is upstream with sound list building practices.

  2. Do you offer a free-trial?

    Yes we do, contact us to take advantage of that.

  3. Does the service send an email to my list?

    No. We use proprietary technology up to and including a mailbox ping, but stop short of sending an email.

  4. Do you guarantee 100% delivery rate after validation?

    Email Validation is nuanced. We are communicating with potentially thousands of domains on a given list. The service is dependent on the receiving domain being receptive to and responding to our request within a timely manner. Net result, for B2C data we can typically find 95-99% of the invalids. For B2B data, where recipient domains are more likely to managed by a system administrator, the service is less effective.

  5. How will it take to process my list?

    Generally speaking most lists are completed with in a business day. For files of over 1 million several days will be required.



Email Intelligence

  1. What percentage of emails can you tie data back to?

    Match rates vary by field, from 80% for gender to single digits for purchase intent fields from aggregated data across multiple sources linked to 250 million adults in the United States. Check out our data dictionary to see our full list of data point.

  2. Where do you get your behavioral data?

    We collect billions of data points to provide customers with valuable demographics, household, and behavioral data. Additionally, our TowerData cookie pool captures purchase intent data fueled by individual behavior across 10,000 online stores.

  3. What’s the confidence threshold for data matching?We only match data to a point of contact when we are at least 90% confident about the association.
  4. How safe is your data storage system?We re-check and re-build our database every month, storing the refined data in our cloud-based, fault-tolerant, distributed key-value store. In other words, our database is incredibly fast and reliable.
  5. How fast is the query process?

    When we receive a query with an email or postal address, our system looks up the record in our database and returns the requested data fields in under 100 milliseconds, faster than it takes to load a web page.

  6. Do you have any data security certifications?

    Our service is ISO 27001 certified, so your data is processed safely and securely. Try it now by uploading a file to InstantData for a free match report, or integrate data into your website or application with our real-time API.

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