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A Marketer Omni-Channel Customer Data Platform with powerful CRM, Customer Engagement Tools, and Loyalty capabilities to build personalized and long-term relationships in real time.

UrbanBuz is a leading Marketing Technology Company with a special focus on Customer data, Engagement and Loyalty. Through our digital and easy customizable platform, UrbanBuz enables businesses across different segments to easily setup and manage their own state of the art Customer Engagement Solution, and to automate most of their marketing tasks; in order to optimize their marketing spent while building strong & sustainable relationship with their customers in the most cost-effective manner.

Our cloud-based platform is designed for marketers to have one single view of customers across different channels, brands, and venues, and to enable them to easily capture relevant information; incentivize customers based on different behaviours, segment them, and engage with them in a personal and relevant manner.

Omnichannel Customer Data Capture:

Customer Journey Mapping and Optimization

Customer journey mapping is an incredibly useful exercise for many brands to understand and improve the customer experience for its users. UrbanBuz onboarding process starts with this important step.

Single 360 Degree Customer View

The UrbanBuz Platform integrates, through our API, with all customer touch points in order to capture customer information and transactions, across all channels. Then it unifies those customer interactions into a single 360-degree customer view.

Cross Channel Attribution

Customer data is streamlined from the different channels through our mobile Customer Relationship App, enabling staff (Customer Support) to tailor and personalize their engagement with customers.

 Customer Relationship App

UrbanBuz platform offers visual dashboards to present the data in relevant manner that is easy to read.

Customer Data Visualization

Platform offers visual dashboards to present the data in relevant manner that is easy to read.


Real Time Marketing Automation

Businesses can automate triggered and scheduled emails, mobile push messages, and SMS text messages to targeted customer segments, based on real-time customer actions.

Dynamic Segmentations

Businesses can create dynamic customer segments based on different criteria (demographics, purchasing behavior, marketing, etc.). Segments will be automatically updated based on the specified criteria.

Digital Feedback & Surveys

Furthermore, businesses can create digital surveys or feedback to collect data and Feedback through SMS and email or tablets and automatically send them to customers based on specific criteria and track answers in real time.

E-Vouchers and Offers

Incentivize customers by issuing digital offers and vouchers that are assigned automatically and targeted based on brand, branch, demogrphics, spend, frequency, loyalty levels, etc.

Personalized Microsites

Provide customers with easy online access to their information where customers would be able to view all the information related to them from history, offers, vouchers, to the ability to update their information directly from the convenience of phone.

Campaign Management & Reporting

Easily create and schedule different types of marketing campaign and view their stats. Businesses can easily split their campaigns for A/B testing or turn them into recurring ones.


Customer Tiering

The UrbanBuz Loyalty Engine enables businesses to easily setup different Loyalty Tiers based on spend to award customers and incentivize them to spend more and keep them returning; as well as

make their most profitable customers feel special and reward them accordingly.

Customizable Rewards

award customers based on the brand, product type, location and customer groups. award for non-transactional activities like referral, sharing on social media, attending events, etc.

Analytics & Insights:

The UrbanBuz platform comes with a powerful analytics engine that would enable businesses to track customer activities across different channels, segment customers by spend, loyalty balance, redemption, frequency, recency, average transaction value, product, service, demographics, lead generation and many more dashboards tailored to meet your specific needs.

  • Customer Demographics
  • Lead Capturing
  • Product/Service/Customer
  • Analysis
  • Sales Analysis

Big Retail Enterprise – Creating CRM + Engagement Program


  • Unstructured Data
  • No segmented Customer Data
  • No data-driven marketing activities
  • No target automated communication
  • No digitization in all the marketing process.


  • Data Cleanup, remove duplicates and invalid contacts, run campaigns to identify dead users
    • Saved 20% in SMS marketing cost
  • Created custom customer profile and linked to the website registration.
  • Helped segment customers properly based on demographics and other factors
  • Arranged the data by country, brand, branch and gave them live access to easy to read dashboards
  • Setup automated communication with customer to keep them engaged with the business
    • Birthday Vouchers made more complete profiles for better segmentation

Player in Beauty Space – Creating Loyalty Brand


  • No central database
  • No visibility of customer database by branch, and common among branches
  • Very limited customer data beyond the mobile number
  • No understanding of who are their most valuable customers
  • Use of one-off discounts that is diluting the brand


  • Implemented a tiered loyalty program with extra benefits as customers get upgraded to higher levels
  • Integrated with their loyalty section on their website
  • Increased the returning customers by 20% during the first 6 months, by switching from on-off discounts to cash back loyalty structure
  • Capability to instantaneously filter their most frequent customers, highest spenders, lapsed customers, and target them accordingly
  • Started building their marketing strategy based on data, not on intuition

Listed as one of the most promising startups in the UAE by Forbes Middle East in 2016, UrbanBuz is a leading cloud-based Marketing Automation Company with a special focus on Customer data, Engagement and Loyalty. Through our digital and easy-to-customize platform, UrbanBuz enables businesses across different segments to easily setup and manage their own state of the art CRM, loyalty and engagement program in order to:

– Reach, recognize, reward and retain their customers across all channels.
– Improve their customer visibility through easy-to-read live dashboards.
– Make better informed data-driven business decisions.
– Easily segment their customers for enhanced targeting.
– Optimize their relationship with their customers by delivering relevant and personalized messages.
– Achieve better financial results with automated marketing.

We have a diverse and dynamic team dedicated to ensuring that our clients easily adapt to and stay on top of the ever-changing landscape of technology and consumer trends.

For more information visit us: www.urbanbuz.com

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