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The Viral Marketing Platform

Tools to grow your email list, increase social engagement, and generate sales.

ViralSweep is the easiest way to build, run, and manage viral marketing promotions across all of your web properties. Using our self-serve platform, you can have a campaign built and running on your website or Facebook within minutes.

Through ViralSweep you can build sweepstakes, photo and video contests, instant win promotions, hashtag based promotions, email collection forms, referral based promotions, and more.

With ViralSweep, you have the power to incentivize entrants by offering them additional entries for completing a wide variety of actions. Currently, ViralSweep supports the following actions: Facebook Visit, Facebook Embed Post, Twitter Tweet, Twitter Follow, Instagram Follow, Google+ Follow, Twitch Follow, Snapchat Follow, Pinterest Pin, Pinterest Follow, YouTube Subscribe, YouTube Watch a Video, Visit a Website, Share and refer friends, Ask Questions, Subscribe to a Podcast, Download an App, and Upload a Photo.

Using ViralSweep, you can effectively run your promotions, see all information for your entrants in real-time, measure analytics on each campaign, and even draw winners at random using ViralSweep’s random draw system.

For larger promotions, ViralSweep provides full service solutions to handle official rules, bonding and registration, custom integrations, and even prize fulfillment.

Sweepstakes App

  1. Rapidly grow your email list by running a sweepstakes
  2. Incentivize users with bonus entries for having them perform social actions.
  3. Allow entrants to share with and refer friends using our built-in referral system.
  4. 3rd party integrations with a variety of services allows you to plug your campaign data into other systems like Facebook, Google Analytics, Zapier, and more.
  5. Use our random draw system to automatically draw winners for your sweepstakes.

Contest App

  1. Build, run, and manage photo and video contests
  2. Collect submissions privately, or display them in a public gallery using our contest app
  3. Collect hashtag based submissions from Twitter and Instagram and automatically display those submissions in your public gallery.
  4. Allow users to vote on submissions in your gallery, and even collect voter information before a vote can be cast.
  5. Contest moderation features allow you to approve or deny submissions as they come in.

 Instant Win App

  1. Use our instant win app to boost brand loyalty and increase engagement amongst your fans.
  2. The instant win app allows a user to find out immediately if they won a prize right when they enter; if they did not win, you can incentivize them to complete social actions to earn more chances for another try.
  3. Instantly award prizes to users based on random odds, random times, or unique codes.
  4. Automatically dispatch emails to people who lose, or to people who win a prize.

Email Forms App

  1. Grow your email list with simple email collection forms.
  2. Our embeddable forms allow you to collect any information you want from your users right on your own website.
  3. Once a form is completed, you can ask users to follow your social pages to keep in touch.
  4. Use our themes and custom css features to style your email collection forms to match your own branding.
  • Quickly grow your email list using sweepstakes, contests, instant in promotions, and email collection forms.
  • Collect user generated content using our contest app and display that content in a beautiful gallery.
  • Increase engagement across all your social properties by incentivising users to follow and share to earn more entries into a promotion.
  • Instantly award prizes based on random odds, random times, or unique codes with our instant win app.

How do I add ViralSweep to my website or Facebook?

Once you build a promotion in ViralSweep we provide you with several installation options. First, we provide you with a snippet of javascript code that you can drop into your website. Second, we provide you with a direct link to your campaign hosted by ViralSweep that you can use. Third, we offer a variety of platform integrations that allow you to easily install your campaign to places like Facebook, Shopify, Big Commerce, Magento, and more.

Do I need to be a developer to use ViralSweep?

No! The platform is entirely self-serve and allows anyone to set up a campaign within minutes. The only time a developer may be needed is to install the embed code on your website so the promotion appears.

Is ViralSweep responsive across all devices?

Yes! ViralSweep is responsive across desktop, mobile, and tablet devices.

Does ViralSweep handle multiple languages?

Yes! You can build your campaign in any language you want, or you can even use our multiple language feature to build one campaign in a variety of different languages and allow users to pick their language when they land on your campaign.

What kind of support is provided?

We provide live chat and email support, as well as scheduled phone support to answer questions and or provide demos.

How does the ViralSweep and Emarsys integration work?

When someone enters your ViralSweep campaign, we will automatically pass that user to your Emarsys account as a contact.

ViralSweep was founded in 2012 as a sweepstakes platform that helped brands build, run, and manage their own promotions. In that time, ViralSweep has expanded to provide additional tools and apps to help organizations achieve their marketing goals. The company is in Connecticut, USA, with team members located in Austin, Texas and Salem, Oregon. ViralSweep is the trusted source for viral marketing campaigns by leading organizations across the world. For more information about ViralSweep and our services, please visit https://viralsweep.com.

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