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We put customer understanding, powerful analysis and actionable insight at the beating heart of your business. When finding the right CRM partner, why should you have to ‘choose’ between technical power and marketing intelligence? XCM is built in a balanced and agnostic way to combat that mindset.

We transform complex data into actionable opportunities to help brands advance their marketing capability and truly engage with their customers.

A laser focus on how customers feel and behave becomes second nature when you have the capability to transform and leverage your data. That’s why we build cutting edge CDPs and integrate them with countless systems and partners to provide a platform to unlock the true potential of your customers.

The everyday data connected to your customer is complex: often coming from multiple sources and systems, controlling and utilising it can be a daunting prospect. To us, however, it’s our ‘bread & butter’! Vital to meeting this challenge is our fully compliant customer data platform: HORIZON, which harnesses data from all of those seemingly endless sources to create a powerful single customer view.

HORIZON seamlessly connects your customer data from any number of sources, flexing to your needs and offering customisable support to suit the demands of your business and people.

This is the key, unparalleled understanding that can be analysed, modelled and optimised to create game-changing opportunities.

With HORIZON in place and the data harnessed, the brakes are truly off – outputs and opportunities you struggled to realise in the past become standard practice. Advancing your thinking and approach towards the lifecycle, journey and mindset of your customers can now be tackled with relative ease. Use this enriched information to drive and significantly upscale your future CRM.

At XCM our key product offerings are supported by an array of data, analytics, insight and customer marketing services. Underpinning these products & services is our HORIZON infrastructure, Technology and Core Modules, all of which provide an unparalleled foundation for our three ‘Core Pillars’.

Technical Power

Integrations, migrations, APIs and more. We offer unparalleled experience in technical project solutions to set your business up for success.

Actionable Insight

We use potent analytical models to create true customer intelligence and understanding, allowing us to create actions that provide clarity and help drive growth.

Customer Marketing

With robust actions in place, we support in building marketing strategies, campaigns and tactical activations, as an extension to your team, always.

XCM also deliver a range of finely-tuned professional services to empower your teams and business:

Analytics & Insight

XCM allows you to establish ‘true’ business intelligence and unlock the full potential of your data. We empower your business leaders to make smarter and faster decisions across the entire analytics value chain, helping you to become more insight driven.

Marketing Services

We are also at the table when it comes to customer marketing! We have the right people to support you with concept, strategy and execution as well as broader projects such as digital transformation, CRM maturity auditing and bespoke customer contact frameworks.


Please see https://www.xcm-uk.com/work/ for our use cases and case studies

York Head Office

York House, Wetherby Road, York, YO26 7NH


Tel: 0843 506 5970

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