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Make Every Flight More Profitable

Identify underperforming flights and connect them with travelers most likely to book a seat.

Yieldr Demand Intelligence is a data analytics platform built exclusively for airlines. The software boosts the profitability of individual flights by allowing airlines to identify distressed inventory and connect those empty seats with travelers ready to fly. Utilizing Yieldr’s enterprise solution, marketers and revenue managers gain control through insight and activation tools in order to decide what flight to promote, to whom and with what message.

  1. Collect

    Gather all your flight data within one centralized platform. Ingest revenue and customer data as well as third-party data from relevant sources and devices.

  2. Analyze

    Gain insights into both the performance of your fleet and audience. Learn what routes travelers prefer to fly, visualize demand shortages and forecast flight performance.

  3. Activate

    Connect with travelers ready to fly and reach them on the biggest platforms. Make informed ticket pricing adjustments and increase demand for empty seats.

  4. Collaborate

    Make savvy business decisions across your entire organization on pricing, demand management and media spending.


Our Customers will have the ability to use Emarsys to create campaigns based on email to a very specific group of travelers they have identified using the Yieldr Demand Intelligence Platform.


  • Gain Control & Insights

In Yieldr Analytics you can see the load factor and revenue generated by your fleet. You can easily spot underperforming flights and take advantage of additional revenue generating opportunities by deciding which flight to promote.

  • Make Informed Decisions

See well in advance whether or not your individual flights are on track to hit revenue targets and make informed ticket pricing adjustments and communicate relevant offers in order to achieve your per flight revenue goals.

  • Fill Empty Seats & Increase Revenues

In Yieldr Analytics view the numbers of customers on your website that have been looking at a specific flight, unlock demographic and intent information and decide to whom and with what message you will promote this flight. Saving your customer audience end exporting the segment to Emarsys only requires a few clicks. Set up your campaign in Emarsys and fill the revenue management gap!

Yieldr is a software as a service company bringing efficiency and increased profitability to the multi-billion dollar aviation industry with its marketing automation technology.

Yieldr UK (HQ)

1 Fetter Lane
EC4A 1BR London
United Kingdom

Yieldr Labs

Stadhouderskade 85 – 6
1073 AT Amsterdam
The Netherlands

+31 85 87 71 018


Carrer de Balmes 4 – 2 08007 Barcelona

+34 698 66 67 72

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