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Identify underperforming flights, connect them to travelers and maximize your flight revenue.

Technology in Aviation

Yieldr Air is an aviation software built especially for yield management. Achieve unheralded success by filling the right plane, optimize your airline marketing and share demand management insights efficiently across your organization.

  1. Collect

    Gather all your flight data within one centralized platform. Ingest revenue and customer data as well as third-party data from relevant sources and devices.

  2. Analyze

    Gain insights into both the performance of your fleet and audience. Learn what routes travelers prefer to fly, visualize demand shortages and forecast flight performance.

  3. Activate

    Connect with travelers ready to fly and reach them on the biggest platforms. Make informed ticket pricing adjustments and increase demand for empty seats.

  4. Collaborate

    Make savvy business decisions across your entire organization on pricing, demand management and media spending.


Recover Lost Revenue

Problem: Users dropping off

Even though your digital marketing campaigns have great click-throughs and are generating lots of traffic to your website you you notice that a lot of users are dropping off without making a purchase. A number of users are even selecting flights, but get cold feet before completing the purchase.

Cart abandonment rates are high in the travel industry. 81.7% of travelers add a product to an online cart but never pay for it.

Solution: Abandoned cart campaigns

Abandoning the shopping cart serves as a trigger to automatically send an email reminder when a user leaves a cart. Abandoned cart emails significantly boost annual revenue.

Low-cost carriers: 2-4%

Full-service carriers: ~0.5%

Promote Underperforming Flights

Problem: Efficiency in Media Spend

Your campaigns are performing great, you see a lot of conversion, but some flights have a low load factor and are not reaching their revenue targets. You have the feeling that many sales were going to happen anyway, even if you never had invested a single cent.

Solution: Flight Based Targeting

Using your revenue objectives, specifically target audiences from underperforming flights. By leveraging these tactics you can reduce wasted media spend by 15%. Meanwhile you can double the amount of booking of underperforming flights.

Yieldr is a software as a service company bringing efficiency and increased profitability to the multi-billion dollar aviation industry with its marketing automation technology.

Yieldr UK (HQ)

1 Fetter Lane
EC4A 1BR London
United Kingdom

Yieldr Labs

Stadhouderskade 85 – 6
1073 AT Amsterdam
The Netherlands

+31 85 87 71 018


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