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Identify all your in-store customers & grow your marketable CRM database

Yocuda identifies customers in-store using digital receipts and loyalty schemes. It links them to their purchases and captures marketing opt-ins thereby growing retailers' CRM databases and providing invaluable cross-channel insight for marketing activities.


In a data-driven world and with the majority of retail sales still occurring in-store, there is an urgency to identifying customers in this channel. Yocuda aims to identify customers at the POS for every transaction in-store using digital receipts, loyalty schemes and innovative new technologies. It links customers to the line-level items in their shopping basket, providing invaluable cross-channel insight for marketing segmentation and optimisation. And it captures marketing opt-ins in a GDPR-compliant way enabling retailers to grow their CRM databases.

Yocuda also integrates with ecommerce platform and augments the customer profiles that it creates with their online transactions to provide a true single customer view across store and ecom. With this holistic data set, Yocuda enables the attribution of digital marketing spend across online and offline purchases, providing evidence of ROAS across channels.

Yocuda’s clienteling solutions provide store colleagues with tools for assisted selling. Customer insight such as the number of store visits, average spend, lifetime spend, first and last transaction date, VIP / loyalty status, preferred channel and a complete purchase history can all be displayed at the POS or via a web-based portal.

Yocuda’s HTML digital receipts are entirely customisable and include dynamic content enabling retailers to continue the customer conversation post purchase. With 60%-75% open rates digital receipts provide a highly engaged channel for functionality such as; surveys, product reviews, product recommendations, targeted offers, loyalty balances, customer care info, referrals and a digital returns journey.

Being contactless, digital receipts facilitate social distancing by removing the physical touch point of a paper receipt. And by eliminating the printed receipt, it improves the environmental footprint, saves paper and print costs and reduces the time at till.

• POS agnostic with multiple integration methods to capture customer and transaction data
• Real time customer lookup at POS
• Email validation at checkout
• Digital loyalty sign up in-store at POS
• Data cleansing for loyalty cards and email identifiers at POS
• Clienteling solutions for assisted selling at the POS or via tablets / MPOS
• Loyalty programmes based on points, thresholds / tiers, price-matching, preferential pricing, spend, visits and surprise & delight
• Fully customisable, dynamic & responsive HTML digital receipts
• Digital receipts sent by email, SMS, app, website
• Dynamic content in the digital receipts including; customer ratings / surveys, product reviews, product recommendations, targeted offers & promotions, loyalty balances and sign up, customer care information, product videos, warranties, instruction manuals & support content, referrals and a digital returns journey
• Operating across 4 continents; multi-lingual and multi-currency
• Real time, web-based portal for monitoring data capture performance of stores and store colleague and for re-sending digital receipts
• Bespoke email reporting on data capture performance by stores and store colleagues
• Single customer view data warehouse

• Acquire new customers in-store and engage existing ones
• Capture emails / phone numbers and marketing opt ins to grow your marketable CRM database
• Build a cross-channel single customer view to understand customers better
• Attribute digital marketing spend to offline sales
• Continue the customer conversation post transaction – surveys, offers, reviews, loyalty status, customer care, etc
• Facilitate social distancing by removing touch point of physical receipt
• Improve customer experience for returns, warranties and provide a permanent paperless record
• Comply with upcoming government legislation (eg France is banning paper receipts in 2023)
• Reduce environmental footprint by eliminating paper receipts
• Save paper & print costs and reduce time at till

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