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Create faster, Convert more.

Harness the power of Zmags to create interactive digital experiences faster and easier than ever before.

Zmags helps digital marketers create and publish rich customer experiences through a user-friendly interface that requires no coding knowledge or IT involvement.  Using Creator by Zmags, brands can create and deliver fresh, shoppable content that drives product discovery and inspires consumers to purchase. Creator integrates with all leading ecommerce and content management platforms enabling marketers to build and optimize their website content and respond to shopping trends, holidays, social networking, and even pop culture events.

Leading brands like Ethan Allen, Harvey Nichols, New York & Company, Vivienne Westwood, All Things BBQ, and Godiva use Creator by Zmags to deliver interactive and entertaining shopping experiences with rich content like buying guides, quizzes, lookbooks, video, and more.  With offices in Boston and London, Zmags enables interactive customer experiences around the world. To learn more, visit www.zmags.com.

  1. SEO optimized
  2. Integrated analytics
  3. Language variance
  4. Custom fonts
  5. Multi-scene creation
  6. Design guidelines + templates
  7. Completely platform agnostic

Advance SEO:

  • Produce a higher volume of content
  • Produce banners referencing promotions to engage or reengage
  • Simply enable mobile 1st strategy

Turbocharge UX:

  • Reduce the need for creative and tech resources
  • Easily build quizzes, look-books and many other experiences
  • Expertly link recommended product to purchase phase

Elevate Your Brand:

  • Control content with brand guard rails
  • Educate customers about brand and its background
  • Effortless story telling linked to check-out

Zmags helps marketing, creative, and ecommerce teams create and publish the rich media and shoppable digital experiences that customers love, without traditional IT limitations.

MAIN +1.866.989.6247SUPPORT +1.855.965.1827

MAIN +44 207 420 4100

SUPPORT +44 800 808 5613

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