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AI-powered smart search that generates sales

Klevu is a powerful on-site search solution for mid-level and enterprise retailers. Klevu’s machine learning algorithm and rich NLP takes search queries beyond keyword-based matching, delivering exactly what shoppers want and more. Klevu provides a seamless integration process for all retailers on Magento. Speed up customer purchase journey with a search and navigation technology that converts


Did you know that on-site search is the first port of call for high converting online shoppers? If you think about it, it makes sense. They know exactly what they are looking for and are ready to buy. Question is, are you making it easy for them to? Conversation doesn’t stop in a shop.

Today’s consumers are developing expectations that will shape the future of e-commerce. And shopping habits are changing.    Every day, Klevu powers 3000+ web shops with our powerful AI and NLP technology to drive millions in revenue directly through the search bar. This enables a faster, more personalised and relevant on-site search experience online.    On-site search is often overlooked as an important part of online shopping but this is changing, fast and on-site search is no longer considered as a ‘nice to have’ in your online store.


  1. Plug & Play Get started in seconds with our plug and play integration for Magento, BigCommerce and Shopify (Plus) users and open API for custom built applications
  2. Secure Guaranteed cloud-based security and backup CDN servers to ensure your on-site search is running smoothly
  3. Data focussed Login to your Klevu Merchant Centre at any time for the latest KPI’s and on-site search and merchandising data to make informed business decisions.
  4. Automated With Klevu’s machine learning AI and advanced NLP be confident that search results are accurate and relevant in real time.


Klevu learns from shopper’s behaviour (Searches, Clicks, Add to Carts and Purchases) — and automatically optimizes the product ranking within search results in real time, behind the scenes, to help the merchant generate the most sales.


Klevu goes beyond keyword-based matching and uses NLP to understand the intent behind each search query and render relevant search results.

Automated Catalog Enrichment Klevu adds contextually relevant synonyms to your catalog in metadata format. This enrichment of your catalog data results in much more depth and coverage of search results.

Advanced Natural Language Processing Klevu understands the conversation around keyword matching technology and the inflections associated with the long-tiered search queries.


Manipulate Klevu’s AI to merchandise the products/categories based on your own business logic with quick and easy merchandising rules:    Product Level Boosting for individual products Rule Based Merchandising groups of products Keyword Level Visual Merchandising Banner Ads    RE-ENGAGE     Re-engage your audience ( and repeat) with Klevu’s Advanced Dashboard Analytics in the Klevu Merchant Centre to stay ahead of the game. Customizations Tab Synonyms URL Redirects

You’re using an out-of-the-box platform on-site solution only

So you have on-site search on your website, but it is not an intelligent search — what you put in is what you get out — it’s not learning. Klevu uses AI and NLP to optimize search on your store and eradicates simple mistakes. It truly understands the intent of the user and drives higher relevancy through search.

You’re not using an on-site search solution

You’re considering on-site search on your store. Did you know that people who search are 3-5 times more likely to convert? Use Klevu to drive more revenue on your store through highly accurate product and CMS search

Automate Your Merchandising

Do you have lots of products or information on your store, but are unsure what order they should be appearing in for optimum results? Combine Klevu’s AI with your own business logic and set up automated rules in seconds

Streamline your marketing

You want to tie up your digital marketing campaigns and understand what key words are driving revenue on your store. Use the Klevu Analytics Suite to understand what is working for you and how to do even more.

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Phone: +358 9 2514 4301

3340 Peachtree Road NE
#1010 Atlanta, GA 30326
Phone: +1 877-556-7086

Klevu – 1 Fore St Avenue, London EC2Y 9DT

Malmskillnadsgatan 32,
111 51 Stockholm, Sweden

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