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Artificial Intelligence. Human Language. Awesome

Phrasee uses artificial intelligence to generate email subject lines that outperform humans.


Phrasee uses A.I. to write better subject lines, body copy and CTAs than humans.

Question: Out of trillions of ways to write a subject line, what are the odds your gut instinct gets it right?
Answer: Pretty much nil. And you’re probably losing sales as a result.

Phrasee takes gut instinct out of the equation. Instead, it uses A.I. to generate and optimise your subject lines, body copy and calls-to-actions… and make you more money.

You get more opens, more clicks, and more revenue.

Phrasee does the heavy lifting for you.

What makes Phrasee so awesome?

  • Your brand’s voice. Your brand isn’t generic… so why should your marketing language be? We write language algorithms tailored to your brand’s voice, and no one else’s.
  • Human sounding. Forget spammy open-bait tactics. Phrasee’s natural language generation tech ensures your copy sounds like a human wrote it. Only better.
  •  ESP agnostic. No matter what ESP you use, Phrasee will work for you… and it only takes 5 minutes per campaign. And that ain’t no joke.
  • Make more money. Using powerful machine optimisation algorithms, Phrasee learns what makes your audience tick…. and makes you more money.So forget what you thought you knew about email marketing.Say hello to the future.Say hello to Phrasee.
    Artificial intelligence. Human language. Awesome.

Artificial intelligence

Using our awesome algorithms, Phrasee learns what your audience responds to. And it works! Phrasee’s lines out-perform human lines >95% of the time.

Massive time saving

70% of email marketers don’t have time to think of subject lines, and only 5% use advanced analysis techniques (source.) Phrasee takes care of this for you.

Smart experimental design

Phrasee automates experimental design to ensure your split tests are statistically significant. It learns as much about your audience as quickly as possible.

Human sounding

Phrasee uses cutting-edge natural language generation algorithms to generate marketing language that sound human and perform superhumanly.

Tailored for your brand

Your brand isn’t generic – so why would you want a generic database of stock phrases? Phrasee’s algorithms are written for you, and no one else.

Deep sentiment analysis

Phrasee’s algorithmic psychology knows what drives engagement for your brand. It generates language that resonates with your audience. Awesome.

Artificial intelligence that writes better subject lines than humans.

Your subject line is the crux of your email campaign. No matter how good your content, if your subject line sucks, so will your response rates. But don’t worry – Phrasee to the rescue!

Forget guessing what copy might work. Let artificial intelligence write it for you.

Once Phrasee has optimised your subject line, more people will be looking at your body copy. So why stop there? Phrasee’s powerful language generation software writes better body copy than humans. And gets you more clicks… and sales.

Imagine if every call-to-action got results…

Optimising calls-to-action was never easy. Until Phrasee, that is. Our algorithms generate millions of calls to action and knows what works, and what doesn’t. Grab your cape, you’re on your way to superhero-ness*!

*We may have made that word up.

Basket abandonment emails? Lifecycle campaigns? Welcome programmes? Phrasee’s got your back.

Everyone has trigger campaigns – those campaigns that recur automatically. But rarely do marketers ever consider the subject line! Phrasee uses powerful, always-on optimisation to increase your response rates. Awesome!

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