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Leverage the full potential of your marketing automation, by integrating optimized and customized product data.


Emarsys allows you to show highly relevant product advertising and recommendations to your audiences according to their interests and buying behaviour. Therefore, you must not only match your product catalog to Emarsys’ guidelines, but also be 100% sure your products are showcased in a way that maximizes campaign performance and sales.

Productsup is a leading cloud-based solution for intuitive and powerful product data management and feed optimization. It has been designed to give marketers the technology they need to streamline processes, be in control of their product data and maximize profitability of their performance marketing campaigns.

With Productsup, e-commerce and travel businesses alike can collect, structure, optimize and distribute customized product feeds to thousands of marketing channels.

By using the Productsup Add-On for Emarsys, you can save a significant amount of time, while gaining efficiency and independence in getting your product feeds ready to positively impact marketing campaigns.

  1. Import data from a variety of sources 

    Import your product data in any format and from any source, whether you pull it from your shop system, eBay, Google Shopping or let us crawl your website. You can import your data manually or set up schedules for automatic imports.

  2. High quality product feed creation in minutes instead of weeks 

    The Productsup platform has been designed for maximum simplicity and speed. Merge, structure, correct and optimize your data feeds in just a few clicks and with automated processes. Eliminate the wait on IT or third parties and processes, even if you have large product catalogues.

  3. Detailed analysis and pre-built templates for 200+ shopping channels

    We have integrated the individual requirements of the various export channels into the system. Thus, creating customized feeds for any marketing channel is child’s play.

  4. Unlimited marketing and shopping channels at no extra cost 

    Export your optimized and customized product data to any e-commerce channel, from the most common to the most niche, for no extra fee. Directly upload and update product data to APIs like Google, Facebook and many more.

  5. Powerful data enhancement and editing with drag-and-drop logic

    The platform offers a host of expertly developed editing boxes, that you can apply with a simple drag-and-drop action. Plus, our A/B testing feature allows you to prepare different variations of the same feed for the same export channel, in order to identify the changes that increase performance.

  6. Data preview in real time

    With Productsup you can preview data in real time, meaning any edits you perform are instantly visible the way your customers will see them.

  7. Enriched images and videos for your entire feed

    Stand out from the advertising clutter with customized product images and videos that include dynamically added product attributes & user ratings for each product in your feed.

  8. Tracking & ROI Management

    Get the most out of your product data driven campaigns by tracking the performance of each of your products across the various channels you export to. Based on this data, you can automatically exclude unprofitable products or channels. You can use the Productsup Tracking & ROI Management feature or import third party tracking data.

  9. Outstanding support

    You’ll be independent and in control, but never alone. From the initial platform onboarding, to detailed help resources and technical support, you will be accompanied by our world-class team of platform experts helping you to conquer your product data challenges.

In order to use your product data for marketing automation with Emarsys, you need to adapt it to Emarsys’ product feed guidelines.

Using the Productsup Add-On, this task is not only super quick and easy, but you can also go much further by optimizing and enriching your product feed, thanks to powerful and intelligent features. 

Standardize your product data

Start by setting up a clean and structured master feed:

  • Cleanse and map clustered inventory data, e.g. column titles
  • Remove critical errors, e.g. incorrect data formats, mismatched data
  • Merge different feeds into one, e.g. by combining static inventory feeds and dynamic feeds containing regularly changing information such as prices and availabilities.

Optimize your product data

Now that your product data is clean, it’s time to make sure it’s also compelling. Launch the Productsup analysis tool to discover what can be improved and then bulk-edit the entire feed, for example:

  • Add important keywords that users look for
  • List product variables and attributes to the title, like brand, colour and size

Also, you can automatically exclude products that don’t perform well and run A/B tests to see which version of your feed performs best.

Customize your product data and export it to unlimited channels

  • Create individual feeds for different campaigns and customize your product data according to specific target groups.
  • Get your product data automatically analyzed and bulk-edit your entire feed to match the specific requirements of 200+ marketing channels, such as Google Shopping, Facebook Dynamic Ads, Amazon Marketplace, eBay, Criteo, etc.

Create dynamic images and videos for your entire feed

Create dynamic image or video models and apply them to all the products in your feed. You can then automatically pull them into your marketing campaigns with Emarsys, for example by integrating them into customized e-mails or onto landing pages.


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