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Customer Retention: Delivered.

Un-boxing the Customer Experience: Targeted, Personalised Solutions to Maximise Customer Life-Time Value


Retain.me: Built by retailers, for retailers.  Customers are increasingly expensive to acquire and that’s why we’ve built the tools to keep them. Our highly personalised marketing solutions are designed to make meaningful connections, adding more emotional  engagement for the customer and turning single orders into life-long loyal customers.

1:1 Personalisation driven by real-time data designed to enhance the Customer Experience, proven to improve Customer Retention.

  1. A SmartSlipTM is a highly personalised in-parcel marketing-led document, replacing the obsolete delivery note. This premium, personal touch completes the Customer Experience, leaving a lasting impression and offers compelling reasons to shop again, review, refer a friend, or shout about your brand.
  2. SmartDirectMail, works much like your triggered email campaigns, but in print.  100% Personalised print delivered to customers, for abandoned baskets, product life-cycle, birthdays and so much more.
  3. PURLs Personalised URLs for every customer – used in print, or stand alone. Giving each customer a personal address at your domain creates a connection and loyalty with your customers.

A brand new marketing channel, delivering incremental sales and customer loyalty. High quality, full colour documents ready to dispatch with every order. Bespoke content based on Customer profile, geography and purchase path. Multi language, multi currency, with relevant and local returns alongside essential customer service information.
Printed at the DC, SmartSlipsTM are full-colour documents, targeted and personalised to each customer, ready to dispatch with every order. See simulation here


highly personalised content can include any of:

Geographic and Customer profile based contact information
Two-click returns QR codes
Colour product imagery (Order lines)

Customer profile and status based campaigns
Product & Category Recommendations
Review platform engagement
Social campaigns
SmartSlipsTM are proven to increase second purchase rate and frequency, whilst delivering a genuinely personal customer experience.


Offers the same level of personalisation for each customer but Retain.me manages the print production centrally, not at client Distribution Centre. It’s a more effective and sophisticated approach to direct mail.

Create and automate trigger-based campaigns. 100% personalised content for each customer, making a lasting impression and delivering real ROI.

Applications include:
Abandoned Basket
Abandoned Browse
Lapsing Customers
Loyalty and Reward Scheme updates
Product Life-Cycle Automations
Birthdays & Anniversaries

Email: enquire@retain.me 

Meet: meet.retain.me

Tel: 020 7 504 1250

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78 York Street, London, W1H 1DP, United Kingdom

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