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First-Party Data Advertising Solution for Marketers

AdUnity’s TokenDirect enables marketers to connect directly to premium publishers to run GDPR-safe targeted ads.

Why Adunity?

  • Are you looking to improve the ROI of your retargeting campaigns?
  • Are you worried about GDPR legal risk when working with Ad-tech vendors such as Google, Facebook and Criteo?
  • Do you want to use your own First Party CRM data to target your customers safely and securely with relevant offers?

How Does it Work?

Adunity TokenDirect enables Marketers to run privacy-safe, First Party Data Targeted ad campaigns that are synchronised with your email and social media marketing. This delivers improved ROI, greater transparency, higher CRM match rates and reduced GDPR legal risk.

We have developed a unique tokenisation platform that acts as an identifier for brands to target their customers on other sites. We work only with brands consented customer data to run safe and secure targeted media across hundreds of premium publisher sites. Using our Tokenisation solution to create a mirror of your consented CRM data allows you to de-duplicate your cross-channel media spend and eliminate non-human fraudulent ad traffic whilst targeting your customers.

Lift Marketing ROI  – Increase the value of your marketing budget by stopping competitors targeting your customers. De-duplicate your media spend and maintain frequency control across all media.  Untangle your customers’ journey across Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple and other publishers. Using a unique, tokenised identifier across all your media gives you unparalleled visibility into your marketing performance

Optimise your customer journey – Optimise your customer journey at an individual level by synchronising display campaigns with email and social channels.

Access Quality and Authenticated Inventory – Run retargeting and intelligent prospecting campaigns across thousands of named premium publisher sites. Our device level authentication means that ad delivery is fraud-free.

Build Trust – Your customers have invested their time, money and data into a one-to-one relationship with your brand. Do not let them down by forcing them to surrender personal information to data harvesting companies.

Reduce Legal risk – Reduce legal risk through tokenisation of customer targeting data and building a marketing audit trail. Eliminate legal risk by not disclosing personal data to third-party adtech data harvesting companies.

Brand Protection – Protect your brand image by only using quality sites from major publishers. Improve customer experience and trust by maintaining control over frequency across all media (display, social and email).

Vouchers – Brand A wants to improve the performance of their voucher / coupon campaigns so that more people redeem the vouchers.  Using TokenDirect to target only your consented voucher customers with display and video advertising across premium publishers delivers up to 4X the voucher redemption rate of standard, non-targeted campaigns.

Cross-sell products – Using TokenDirect for display and video advertising, target your existing customers with new products.  This is done safely and securely without having to share any personal data outside of your company

 Email + Display & Video synchronisation – TokenDirect can be synchronised easily with your Emarsys email marketing activity to deliver display and video advertising in harmony with your email marketing.  By running safe, secure and smart Email and Display ad campaigns, significant improvements in marketing performance can be achieved

London office:

20 East Road, London N1 6AD UK

Bucharest office:

Robescu nr 11, Sector 3, Bucharest, Romania





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